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My previous comment was deleted by the administrator, as will this one in all probability.
You say my meme was from a far right website, and you know this because? You also won't repeat it because? Well you don't say why, so must I presume you were offended by what I said, although you don't indicate you were. So I'll also presume you are just another self appointed arbiter and custodian of moral standards on this forum. I'll also assume it was you who complained and had my comment removed, sans an admission that you did so. Just another sign of the times we now live in, where it is considered stunning and brave to choose to silence all those having opposing views rather than debate them. The cancel culture is alive and well on this forum. Conservative voices, I don't think so.

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I challenge you to show where I advocate for survival of the fittest!
However if you just came here looking for an argument, go elsewhere.
I do not advocate any course of action or advise others what to do, your views may well be different from mine. So having said that, when the vaccine becomes available, take it, don't take it, you decide.
I will trust to my immune system which has a better than 99% defeat rate against this virus, which is a tad better than the touted, but not yet verified 94% success rate of the vaccine.
As an aside, my daughter who has underlying health issues, recently contracted the virus and without the benefit of any therapeutics, which have been unavailable to us in this country, is now after two weeks recovering well.

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In 3 additional weeks, stretches credulity just a bit, does it not?
I invite you to revisit this in 3 weeks if you dare.

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This is obviously an opinion piece, so maybe you should just say so right up front. While you amend your posting to say that, you could also add your eminent qualifications, because I feel that when you speak so authoritatively you should have stated that you do so in your capacity as, whatever.
There are also disturbing undertones in your posting where you call dissenters "covid deniers". It is only my opinion that this may be symptomatic of a more serious underlying emotional or psychological condition.

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Sources please!

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Well said.

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On instructions from the Globalist Banking Cabal, economies are to be trashed. So Boris the Globalist obeys. The Corona virus is just a convenient tool, and they will use it to stoke fear in order to justify the endless nationwide lockdown which is wrecking the economy by destroying the small to medium business base. Meanwhile Rishi just visits the inexhaustible money tree and puts the nation into debt to the tune of Trillions, which we can never pay off. A debt probably greater than we accrued during the course of the second world war and only paid off recently

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You do not give a source for your "true death and infection figures" for Russia. But you do not say they are official. Looks to me like anecdotal figures are okay when they agree with your "Devastating global death if we do not obey" narrative.

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How strange that when one removes the purported death toll, approx. 8,000 deaths, due to the Coronavirus, from the Swedish current annual death rate figures for 2020 of 89,491, one arrives at a figure of 81,491, which is an outlier in the trending death rates posted at 2010 - 2020.
I have the fullest confidence that Paul Goodman will rush to explain the apparent anomaly, so I do wait with bated breath. Nevertheless from these figures alone, it appears Sweden has done no worse this year than any other when annual deaths from all causes is considered, certainly no cause for alarm, or a rush to adopt the UK "model" of lockdown and pray.

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Boris, having run out of dithering room will do what he always intended and sell us out.
It always did sound too good to be true that we could escape the globalists clutches by electing a globalist to take us out. Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me. The Tories will be finished for a generation, maybe two if this is a straight up betrayal disguised as a deal.