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I only wish we had the imminent prospect of someone leading us out of the UK’s season of darkness. The Johnson “government” is a disgrace. Shameless, corrupt, incompetent.

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The method used seems wrong. Who on earth would think it was a good idea to grade everyone’s results by reference to how well their school did in the past? Seems completely tone deaf.

As indeed was failing to include repairing Hammersmith Bridge in Johnson’s infrastructure fund. Now even boats are not being allowed to pass it. At a stroke, the great waffler has managed to cut the Thames.

No wonder we see bill boards with “Incompetent” featuring our once popular, now mostly derided, PM.

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Whatever else, the future of freedom cannot involve having Johnson as PM (or should I say President or even Dictator).

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Well, no. There are good reasons why Frost cannot take up the post of security adviser.

He has no extensive experience of National security issues - the job requires someone who does.

It would be a breach of our (unwritten) constitution to make such appointments on a political basis - loyalty over competence.

If Johnson wishes to be treated as a PM, he has to follow the rules. Otherwise, he is more akin to a dictator and we don’t like those here.

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I do think that those who voted for Brexit should take a step back and ask whether they really voted for this and whether they really want it. Exactly when did “take back control” stop meaning “take control back from the EU” and turn instead into “give total control over everything to a PM and his adviser”.

I have no left wing leanings but I have a lot of time for Powell who was Blair’s chief of staff and crafted the Northern Ireland peace process over many years.

Here is his article on the departure of Sedwill. It is well worth reading if you care about

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I see our top civil servant has now been removed, presumably by the unelected Cummings. The direction of travel of this government must surely seriously worry anyone who thought Brexit was about taking back control. On the contrary it seems to be about putting control into the sole hands of a narrow and increasingly unmonitored clique with no checks and balances.

“And all the authorities they just sit around and boast - how they blackmailed a sergeant at arms into leaving his post. And picking up Angel who just arrived here from the coast, who looked so fine at first - but left looking just like a ghost” (Dylan).

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The man is a very bad leader. From “nobody can do anything” to “never mind health, we need money”.

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This is a shamefully incompetent government. I have never before voted for Labour but I think I might, just to be rid of the present set of overpromoted nobodies.

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If you are saying the SNP are his main obstacle to power, you are pretty much saying that he has already won the next general election. And he probably has. At least he seems competent while Johnson seems, well, incompetent.

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Johnson continues to blunder around in Number 10, his only remaining defence being bluster. The country has already decided that it cannot bear another five years of him.