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High taxes are indeed poison to the economy and the prosperity of families under their burden. So, when are we to see some relief from the them?

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I accept Chequers as a compromise, but I have always said we should aim for Canada+++. If the Commission will not accept Chequers though, what chance of their accepting Canada? It took several years and the Canadian negotiator breaking down in tears on camera to get that CETA through. It would be unprincipled and insane for the EU27 to reject it, but they have a track record in that department. The response may be not Canada+++ but 'Canada? #@*$!'

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Hasn't Starmer been arrested yet, for giving aid and comfort to the enemy? He can attack the government all he likes for domestic purposes, but Mrs May (or Mr Robbins...) is currently in the middle of a delicate negotiation where the deepest interests of the nation are at stake.

His interventions are encouraging a foreign power to believe that they can get what they want by stalling, and leave Britain exposed. Were his ancestors sitting behind Napoleon at Amiens whispering 'Don't worry - Pitt will fall soon so hold out for Malta and Egypt"? It goes beyond party interests - it is national interests in play.

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It would be interesting to know who actually comes up with all these proposals to ban things. It gets a line in the paper, the minister feels good, and our poll ratings drop. Several ministerial speeches I have heard are so out of the normal style of the individual that they cannot have written them.

During the Blairzeit I found myself in a meeting addressed by a lefty with a project ('social enterprise'): he gleefully recounted how he had invited a minister give a speech on social enterprise, and as she did not know what to say, he wrote her speech for her, with all the wild promises and commitments he could think of. She delivered the speech as written without editing, so a petty lefty ideas man unilaterally committed HM Government to costly new policies.

Who then is writing the speeches with bans in them?

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Let's put it to a Royal Commission, to report in about March 2029.

Someone who was on the 'People's Vote' march in June uploaded over a thousand photographs of it to WikiCommons. It is fascinating to see: everyone looks exactly the same! I think someone observed before, they don't want a 'People's Vote' but a "People Like Us Vote".

Oddly, the banners are fuel of "We love EU", "Exit Brexit" and obscene comments about Boris: nothing as subtle as "Back in if the tariffs on foodstuffs exceed 1% and mutual recognition criteria add more than 0.52% to professional compliance fees", so this claim that it is about careful reconsideration of the final deal details are, what's the word....

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That is more to do with the credit crunch, the general decline in rust-belt industries, and readjustment to the on-line world. Most consumers, at all ends, benefit from goods being cheaper. If you have more detailed year-by-year statistics, including geographical distribution and fields of employment, that would be more useful for analysis than a bare, undistinguished figure across the whole period.

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If British companies have access to bid for NHS contracts or education contract, then so should American companies, and they would be right to sue if shut out for reasons of national protectionism. At present, EU companies can sue in the ECJ if they are shut out: do you object to that? They can even sue if a contract is not put out to tender and published in the Official Journal.

Waving the NHS in the air is no more than distraction by superstition.

Specious legal claims, like BAT suing the Australian government for requiring health warnings on cigarettes, fail. A claim might be brought against the American government though over its ban on real haggis, as having no scientific basis.

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Now, Vince Cable is an intelligent man, an educated and erudite man, with experience and who has in the past shown admirable foresight. And yet he managed to give a speech of such complete and utter drivel that I am only surprised he did not burst out laughing when the words came out of his mouth.

He was playing to the gallery, but there is no need to do that. Saying that Brexit is not evitable might have got cheers from those desperate to cling to their dying dream of submersion in the Projet européen but he could have faced the reality and looked to the future, not the past. There is no righteousness in leading a party in unreality, and no honesty either.

Would he say "Britain is coming out: we will campaign to join, on whatever terms are put in front of us". He did not. Will he be so honest? He talked of the economic cost, which is an honest argument, even a patriotic one, but the rhetoric of the true-believers is quite something else; it is Europe-right-or-wrong, it is the dissolving of the hated nation state in a new European polity. Will he be honest enough to say that? Not while the cameras are rolling perhaps.

I have been screamed at in anger and come close to having to raise my arms in defence when confronted by extreme Europhiles, angered, spitting hatred, at the death of their nightmare dream, and the end of whatever erotic spasms they have in their sleep. Vince chum; 29 March 2019 cannot come soon enough. Wake your lads and lasses in time.

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Two words - 'Geoffrey Howe'. Oh, and 'Ronald Reagan', and 'Donald Trump'.

Where the tax burden causes a reduction in capital investment then the tax take which would have resulted from the profit on the investment is lost. Similarly where income tax reduces consumer spending, then business profit is reduced, knocking the revenues from business taxes and the VAT that would have been earned from the consumer's spending. Heavy capital taxes such as inheritance tax remove capital from the market with a yet heavier effect.

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It s a frighteningly realistic-sounding forecast.

The best way to raise tax revenue though would be to cut taxes. Spend less, cut tax a little and the tax revenue will increase in the short term. Cut tax dramatically, and it will hover in the short term but increase in the long term, if no one ramps the rates up again in the meantime.