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OMG! OMG! OMG! It is soooooo him, you guys!

NYT has a picture of him with that same "Appeal to Heaven" flag in 2010. You know it's him because, well, "Appeal to Heaven flag but make it not look like a tree because derp" is a rather specialized product, even in Tea Party circles.

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Behold the evidence!
* Same red cloaky thing.
* Suitably short.
* It is an established fact that Bee-Mobile Warblog George Washington looks much more like a real George Washington in profile.
* That guy would *totes* go to something this stupid, in a heartbeat.

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Hey, folks!

Is that who I think it is?

Because I think it is Wonkette's long-time friend, Bee-Mobile Warblog George Washington.

Am I wrong?

-- Alex

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I haz two VOTER FRAUDZ for you.

1. My wife took our one-year-old son with her to vote, and they both had "I Voted" stickers when they came back.

2. So, while the media was busy covering that Florida GOP lady's "war for/on women" flub, they missed the real story: she's clearly a resident of Florida but her banner says "I voted for Ken Cuccinelli."

Clearly this is an epidemic. Sound the DRUDGE SIREN?

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Other ways Congress really is like Magic:
- Red is the color of short-sighted emotion. Blue is the color of durdling around doing nothing.
- The gender ratio is like 10:1.
- It costs a lot of money to participate.
- There's always some weirdo claiming that *this year* is the year we're finally going to see the ascendancy of Mono-Black Control.

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I live in the area and occasionally volunteer at Claude Moore Colonial Farm.

Shutting it down was entirely the wrong move. Fortunately, NPS itself acknowledged this and reopened the park after an appeal.

- It really does require way more federal money to have police out there to shut it down than allowing the regular staff (many are volunteers; the ones who are paid aren't paid by the federal government) to keep running the place. Keeping it closed long enough to disrupt the park's biggest fund-raising event would've seriously impaired its future operations.

- There are live animals on the farm: pigs, geese, chickens, some cattle (they're decorative; none of them get slaughtered for food or anything like that). Regardless of what else is going on with the farm, you still have to feed them and take care of them. Due to some procedural bullshit, NPS wouldn't allow the core staff to attend to them during the closure. So it became a mad scramble to get enough "non-regular" coverage to avoiding hurting the animals.

- All of this was especially frustrating and destabilizing because it really was an unexpected turn of events -- back during the Gingrich shutdown the NPS interpreted the contract to mean they *shouldn't* close Claude Moore Colonial Farm. This seemed like a settled matter.

Like I said, park organizers did appeal and NPS reversed its decision after about a week. The park is open right now. IIRC it was reopened on the 9th.

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Well, a paean to the collective action of self-centered rich people is pretty perfect for CPAC, isn't it?

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I call B.S. on this being a real true Ayn Rand movie.
Why isn't everyone smoking constantly?
After all, smoking is a symbol of the fire in the mind, the fire of ideas. He who refuses to smoke is therefore an enemy of ideas and of the mind!

Also, trailer needs moar Swedish pirates and dead Eddie Willerses.

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Well, if you did watch the trailer... this is PART 1.
Of how many parts? Who's to say! They could have, like, an entire part for that speech thingy.

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Does that count as consenting to surprize sleep buttsecks?

If so... not me. That other guy. Over there. You just missed him.