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Hmmm... she actually looks pretty good! Have you yet to hear anything about green coffee bean extract doc? Ive heard some pretty good things and benefits from these green beans helping for weightloss, but Im really interested in getting the opinion of an expert...

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Do you have any idea, if Yuri, in her Academy, and 12-month “health mastery” program covering all aspects of your diet and health, covers anything to do with green coffee bean extract ? Ive heard a lot of good things but have yet to try it myself, and Im kind of interested in getting the option of an expert before making any rash decisions to change my diet... what do you think?

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I made a new years resolution to lose some weight. SO what am I going to do? I heard one of my good friends talking about this new product called green coffee bean extract . I think I will try to grab a one month supply and see if I can get rid of a few of those nagging pounds around my tummy. I heard you can lose up to 5 pounds in a week. We will see...Ill make sure to keep you guys informed of any results I see.

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Sorry, but NBC is still stuck in 1997... Friends is over guys, time to get with it! Thay havent had a decent series since Seinfeld... Even DR Oz is out of there... the man behind the stratospheric rise in popularity of garcinia cambogia.

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Awesome.... I remember when UCLA was playing home games at the old Clippers arena... Very sad, and not much of a home advantage. They have been horrid the last few years, maybe things will turn around. Also looks like they need to get a couple of their players on a weight loss regimen.... maybe Howland could try something like garcinia cambogia extract to help those dudes out?

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Hey Aidan--

Was your book, The Health Delusion promoted on Coast to Coast? I think I heard a doctor on there about a month ago referencing it? It might have just had a similar title if it wasn;t YOUR book, but the premise was very similar... Anything specific in your book regarding garcinia cambogia extract? It pretty big in the media right now (thanks to Doctor Oz) and some people are having decent results -

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Thanks for the post Brian... yeah HCG can definitely help with weight loss, especially for individuals that have tried a myriad of other 'quick fix' solutions... What have you heard about garcinia cambogia the supposed next gen all in one natural weight loss supplement?

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Wow.... amazing how culture has changed over the last 60 years, huh? Classic advertising is just great, and this as is no exception. 60 years ago advertising cigarettes to help you lost weight was acceptable... that obviously wont go over any longer.... all it takes now is an advertisement or 2 from Dr Oz on garcinia cambogia and the whole country goes crazy!! The next miracle weight loss cure...

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not sure... Im pretty skeptical.... has anyone tried the new 'miracle weight cure' being touted by Dr Oz and other doctors called garcinia cambogia ...? Be curious to hear some more reviews

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California is in a LOT of trouble right now, and Americans, as a whole, are way overweight. Has anyone heard of, or tried garcinia cambogia extract? Ive heard some really good things, but just waiting for more information before I plunge forward.