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Anthropogenic Global Warming (TM) is just the latest in a long line of political frauds perpetrated by grandstanding marionettes on the world stage with the sole purpose of siphoning the bank accounts, wallets and purses of an already hard-pressed populace. The evidence may not be easy to spot, but then neither is evidence for AGW (TM). However, that the Inter-governmental Panel for Climate Change is set up by governments which stand to profit greatly from the so-called unchallengeable evidence of AGW (TM) being as certain as death and taxes, and that, in science, nothing is ever as totally unimpeachable as to never allow the slightest dissention, is evidence enough that there is a debate to be had. And while the rabid, foaming-at-the-mouth AGW (TM) mentalists go about calling those who still allow a sceptical realism into their opinions "anti-social" or any other such childish sobriquet, the Godfather of AGW (TM), Al "Capone" Gore, goes on holiday for a month leaving every light in his house, in his garden and wherever else controlled by him, blazing as if he was trying to rival Las Vegas as the most garish place on earth.

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I think I know what you are think, we are after all dealing with Communists, just because they have left the party does not mean they are no longer Communists.
Wasn't it Jack Straw who said 'the British are not worth saving as a race'

When you take everything together the Picture you are inevitable drawn to conclude is they are indeed carrying out a Eugencis Programme, Not just Labour, I mean the Entire whitehall , EU establishment.

My video sums up the Evidence of their Genocidal Intentions quite well I think.

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"Gorbals" (or should that be Goebbels) Mick was in a bit of a blue funk today, by all accounts not because of the great scandal which surrounds this expenses fiasco but because it had been leaked to the media in the first place. So that's one-nil protecting his self-serving pals against serving the interests of the public.

It's rather a shame that, as the speaker - and therefore in a prime position as a defender of democracy - he should take this stance, as it offers us all further proof that none of the shower in the Palace really cares about anything but the fatness of their wallets.

In footballing terminology, it's all balls, Brian.

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Incidentally, British Bob - you evidently don't know your history.

Guy (or Guido) Fawkes was a Catholic conspirator whose sole aim was to disrupt the political system of our country by killing King and parliament, thus bringing down protestantism and allowing a Catholic monarch to be installed.

It is therefore highly unlikely that he would have voted for the BNP, given that he wasn't British and cared not for our land, and that he was obviously opposed to any idea of democratic suffrage - not that there was much of that outside the landed classes anyway.

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Indeed. It has always been a matter of quite incredulous fascination that, far from setting all and sundry an example, as ruling-classes have hitherto been honour-bound to do, the current shower of fetid ordure that inhabits the Westminster village makes the Cosa Nostra seem cuddly and sainted.

Rules are rules - but it seems to me that if the rules are plainly iniquitous, inane and anything else beginning with "i", then you either change them, or better them. Just because it *says* you can claim up to £24,000 on expenses, doesn't mean you absolutely have to.

The excuses piled up by the Members of Piggiment amount to nothing less than a homosexual orgy - a point here, a point there, but it's mostly bollocks.