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It's sad.
When his daughter spoke it was difficult to watch.
Everyone telling her to speak up.
Everyone reaching for the mic and shoving it in her face.
Let her live the anonymous life that MJ wished he had.
Let's move on now please.

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"Is it always going to be this way...?"

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Great thoughts. I too get concerned about this trend that the church is taking.

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You sure like a rollercoaster Los. Bold move. Keep them coming.

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Love the video!! The guy with the keytar looks like my boss. Dances like him too.

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The man in question wore a wig and a stick on plastic mustache.

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Just found this interesting book on Amazon (not released yet). Maybe the new fad should be 'unfashionable' rather than 'relevant'. It's no wonder Christ followers are confused these days.

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Los, agree 100%. Too many sacrifices have been made under the guise of Relevance. I'm loving the new refreshed, regenerated, post-sabbatical Los. ;-)

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Never been in a church with that rule (to my knowledge). I think it's different for everyone to be honest. I think it's a good idea to make your staff aware of the dangers, and provide accountability partners, but I'm not sure rule enforcement is necessary.

Personally, any female friends I have generally have a better relationship with my wife. Any socializing I do with female friends is with my wife by my side. It hasn't been intentional, just the way it works out. And vice versa.

Sometimes time alone with someone of the opposite sex is unavoidable - especially in business situations. We need to be aware of the dangers and use wisdom. Easier said than done I'm guessing.