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My dislike of fellow bronies has reached its peak, hence my absence for the past few weeks (plus school started). Nobody in this fandom seems to be capable of taking a chill pill, shutting up and just enjoying something without hyper-nitpicking or criticising every little tiny detail. (In case you’re wondering, this is not directed at all towards the analysis community. I’ve said my peace about that matter.) I just can’t believe how people can say they like this show and still put so much work into crapping on it. And don’t give me any of that bullcrap of “Oh, that’s how they express how they like it.” It doesn’t seem logical to say you like something and then devote hours of your life to convincing people why it’s a sack of ****. If someone asked me to describe bronies, I would say right to their face: “All they do is complain about and nitpick to death a show they claim they ‘like’” and then show them the multitudes of videos as evidence, (e.g. Everything Wrong With series). Goodness gracious. We understand there are flaws. Everyone has made that more than abundantly clear. Way more than necessary. So quit shoving them down our throats, admit you all don’t like the show, and go **** on something else since you all like doing that so much. There are thousands of other shows out there, so have at it. Why stay in the same place? If this show is so awful, why stick around? I’m sure you wouldn’t like it if someone stood over your shoulder and yelled to the world exactly what they think you did wrong for every single thing you ever do. Or worse, if someone kept expecting you to live up to some crazily over-romanticised memories of one or two things you did a few years ago and expected everything new you make to be utter crap, and then complained about your new stuff. Henceforth, I am leaving all EqD comments until 2015 at the earliest. The joy I once had from this show has been sucked completely out.

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Great compilation. Time to make yet another folder for all the cool wallpapers.

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Quick update: The Unpopular Positive Opinions will most likely only be on Friday nights from now on since school is starting for me this week, and Fridays will mostly be the only day I’ll be able to comment here. So if you hate/really dislike me, this is good news for you. Survey below:
1. Twilicorn - Yay or Nay?
2. Season 4 - Yay or Nay?
3. Season 3 - Yay or Nay?
4. Season 2 - Yay or Nay?
5. Season 1 - Yay or Nay?
6. In your opinion, what is the most underrated thing in MLP?
7. MLP has a 7.8/10 IMDb rating. In your opinion, is this high, low, or just right?
8. Favorite thing that the fandom has produced?
9. (Be honest) Are you the type of person who can’t watch anything without criticizing something? (i.e. Cinema(re) Sins type criticisms) (No judgment on my part, honestly.)
10. Do you honestly enjoy the show or do you just watch it to know what people are talking about? (Reason I ask is because it seems a ton of people shift towards the latter.)

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I wouldn't say hate, but I usually dislike people who use their phone for an answer to something and then act like a know-it-all.

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So I’ve received a lot of flack for disliking the analysis community, and some of that might be because I’ve never fully explained why I dislike it. Here’s the explanation. Honestly, it’s not because they have a different opinion than me. I can handle that. My problem lies with their inconsistency, not of logic, but of what they talk about. Of all the analysis I’ve seen, I’ve never seen someone have a set point of things to talk about for every episode. I’ve only ever seen them talk about what they didn’t like. One video will only talk about the plot while another will only talk about the characters. Take TotalBiscuit, a PC game reviewer on YouTube, for example. For every game he reviews, he looks into the options menu, talks about the technical aspects, visuals, gameplay, and some history the game might have. Every game gets the same treatment so if there’s good points, they still get talked about. It would stink if he only talked about the visual aspect of a game like MineCraft and didn’t talk at all about the organic, open-world, sandbox-y gameplay, which is what makes the game so great (subjectively). All it seems the analysis community acknowledges is that one (maybe two) points they didn’t like while completely missing the great parts in episodes. The other thing that bugs me is that when we then say they’re overly negative, they are always “confused” as to why. Newsflash: if 90% of the stuff you talk about is what you didn’t like, people are going to think you’re negative about that thing. It’s as if you’re eating ice-cream with a friend and can’t chat about anything because they’re complaining the whole time about the weather, and then are confused as to why you ask they’re being so negative. They completely missed out on the greatness that was the ice-cream treat because they couldn’t stop complaining about the weather, which was one thing among many things in the whole interaction between you two. Anyway, that’s my explanation. Pitchforks and torches are over there next to the feathers and tar for your convenience.

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Now that I think about it, there has to be a Portal Gun spell in Equestria. Twilight surely has it in one of her books. Conjure up a blue portal, then an orange portal, and boom, endless entertainment. Or trolling. Knowing Twi she would probably use the portals for something practical and boring though.

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Finished Breaking Bad. Good series.
My thoughts on that BronyCon article: Everything has a darker side. It’s a simple fact. The same thing happens in every fandom.
I’m in a somber mood tonight, so no Unpopular Positive Opinion, sorry.
Sleep well everyone.

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Greetings everyone, and welcome to the first installment of the Unpopular Positive Opinion. Today, instead of talking about an episode, I’m going to be talking about something else: New Writers. It seems that whenever these two words are together in a sentence, everyone goes crazy, condemning the episodes months before they even air. Instead of doing this, I usually think of it in this simple equation: new writer = new opportunities. Who knows? They could write your new favorite episode, the one you watch over and over again, laughing and/or crying every time. Their past works is just that -- past works. They can do something completely different that can be absolutely amazing. We never know until that Saturday morning comes. So instead of condemning these episodes months before they even air, I like to think of all the good possibilities that can happen. Of course, I don’t keep unrealistic expectations. I am also well aware that I could not like the episode. The thing is, however, that I’ll never know for certain until I wake up that Saturday morning and actually watch the episode. Here’s hoping that the new writers bring many laughs and some quality pony to the table.

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I think it’s about time I start doing something in these comments. I think I’m going to try my hand at representing a massively underrepresented part of this fandom: The Unpopular Positive Opinion. We’ve all heard, seen and defended the Unpopular Negative Opinion. I think it’s time the inverse got a shot in. I’m chucking negativity, over-thinking and (most importantly) judgement out the window. I couldn’t care less if you hated an episode, no skin off my nose, and I most certainly won’t treat you like a dumb person if you think otherwise. *cough nudge cough* You’ve got drones of people who vocally share that opinion. I’m doing this to simply throw a light on all the good things episodes produced. The light is too often shone on the negative things, making those of us who would rather see the positive things feel like we’re alone in our thinking. Well, I’m stepping up to the plate, because I sure as hell feel like the positive voice is completely droned out. Frankly, I’m starting to dislike this fandom. Why? Because of its inability to sit back and enjoy something. It always has to nitpick, complain and trash everything. Always has to find something wrong. It’s never grateful for what it has been given. It always misses those good things because “Oh, Spike fell over! What an injustice!” or “The episode title is too long. Worst episode ever.” At least I’ll have the peace of mind that the positive opinion got a shot in. The UPO’s will be posted whenever I get around to doing them.

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Sorry, but 3 minutes in and I can't go any further. I'm all for positive stuff, but I'm getting the feeling it has an even more negative undertone than the other analysts I've seen... It seems this fandom can't just sit back and enjoy episodes.