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As Pamela Geller sez, "The truth is the new hate speech."

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Even better, when a Moslem Martyr does get admitted to Paradise, his hairless body will frame a perpetual erection, a tool with which to be able to deal not only with that pile of 72 prepubescent virgins, but more houris beyond them.

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we will bid Intense Debate and its tangle of incoherencies adieu...

Mercy upon you my son, for like you I too have known bad software all to well. Worse, I have been forced to witness such softwares at conception and birth, and after when the tests were negative and duly ignored and shipped.

*** Tabari I:360 ***

After such experiences I would rush from the software project back home to my hog ranch --- where the level of offal is so much emptier and shallower --- and hide under my bed until forced to return by 9am the next morning.

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I am trying to get in touch with Blake Lorenz to offer testimony from myself and others about Islamic apostasy law...

So, you're itching to walk into that courtroom and tell the truth. But the judge has little or no interest in the truth, except as necessary to cover his ass.

*** Bukhari Vol 7 Bk 67 No 427 ***

This has been the case ever since 1965, when with its fantastic Griswold ruling the Supreme Court announced the Constitution to be a "living" document, which of course was turnspeak for a "dying" and hopefully one day "dead" document.

*** 48:25 ***

In other words, the judge won't be sympathetic to the facts of the matter cuz like his Moslem witness, he too is compelled to commit taqiyya when put in a tight spot.

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And how many more such cases are we going to see in America before we say that enough is enough, and call upon Muslims in the U.S. to repudiate and teach against Islam's traditional apostasy law...

What's really necessary is that all Moslems in America renounce Islam in total.

*** 9:53 ***

All immigrant Moslems who swore allegiance to the Constituion in their citizenship ceremony are by self-definition apostates, and are to be beheaded. And that includes Prez Obama.

*** 33:36 ***

Prefrable using using a butter knife.

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and he claims the Jews control the media

One can only dream.

*** 33:21 ***

Check that. Most Jews in their inveterate multi-culturalism are indirectly contributing to OBL's Global Jihad and even the destruction of Israel.

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One teenage fighter, who identified himself as Mohammed, an 11th grader, said...

Oooooh little Mohammed, who cares what you said. With "you people" it's always the same thing, with so little variation on the theme.

*** 8:12 ***

So many Mohammeds. So many Mohammedans. So tired.

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... we were not prepared to risk the safety of our players, coaches and staff in what we felt could have been a very volatile environment.

Volatile? Moslems have been steadfastly volatile since the outset way back in 622 or 623, acting out with sudden violence so relentlessly as to disqalify themselves from Infidels being able to use the word to describe our feisty friends.

*** 8:73 ***

Fight the unbelievers around you, and let them find harshness in you.
--- God calling in Koran 9:123 for perpetual volatility until all are Moslems or are subjugated by them

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Kenya is a Christian country with 10% Muslim population so why are the other 90% not opposing Sharia being enshrined in to Kenya's constitution?

Cuz Moslems are persuasive people.

*** 33:22 ***

Also, Kenya is the home of Prez Obama's dad and brother. Dad was a brother and disappeared into the mist and left his white mother, who was into black men, holding the windbag, that being Prez Obama who never seems to shut the Hell up and apologizes to Moslems at the drop of a peci.

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The leader of the Somali jihad is angry with Barack Obama for aiding the resistance to that jihad.

Aw c'mon, the leader of the Somali Jihad and Barack Hussein Obama both know full well how these kinda deals work: give hard-earned American taxpayer $ to the imaginary Jihad resistance and there's plenty of money on hand "to spread around." That's what the always needy Somali dudes get.

*** 9:3 ***

What's in it for Prez Obama -- a born Moslem and educated in an Indonesian madrasas during his formative years -- is to perpetrate his fantasy that it is American that's "lost its moral compass."

He feels this is good for two reasons: he likes Moslems, and this will help Americans finally "understand" Islam.

*** 49.9 ***

I wonder who'll win this putative war against the Somali Jihadists? Both sides, of course. And Prez Obama will happily move on to pay the next nation state in Dar al Islam experiencing trouble.