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I think I borrowed the first line from a Christmas episode of Home Improvement. Don't ask me why these obscure bits bubble up out of the dim reaches of my brain at the most inappropriate times--all I do is run with them.

EDIT: One that I absolutely can't take credit for is "Rusty Chevrolet" by Da Yoopers. ("Yooper" is a slang term for residents of the Upper Peninsula in Michigan.)

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Jingle bells, shotgun shells, Granny's on the run
Cops put out an APB, she's robbing everyone

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He started the "Bronies React" series on YouTube, and he and Saberspark are two of the main participants. They've also performed in the improv comedy shows at BronyCon.

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That would be Katie Cook. She, Brenda Hickey, Agnes Garbowska, and Andy Price each did the art for a different section.

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Vincent Tong is third from the left; BlackGryph0n is third from the right.

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Amazon lists a run time of 110 minutes, which would mean only five episodes. My guess is that everything on your list except "The Cutie Map" will show up, since that one was on the Cutie Mark Quests DVD.

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"Go take your crazy pills, you schizo." (Marigold, to Sour Sweet)

That one line got me laughing so hard I almost choked on my dinner.

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The minimum age to book a ticket in your own name varies from one airline to the next, but as long as you're 18 or older, you shouldn't have a problem with any of them. I think the same rule applies for Amtrak. For car rentals and hotel rooms, the minimum tends to run a bit higher; you might call the company to make sure.

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Fun little song and animatic work. I could get behind the idea of Bernadette Peters voicing a character on the show; the Rita and Runt shorts were some of my favorites from Animaniacs.

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About a year ago, Sony Pictures' computer network was hacked, resulting in several movies and personal data on thousands of employees being leaked. A group called "Guardians of Peace" (thought to be sponsored by North Korea) was responsible, and demanded that Sony cancel the release of The Interview.