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The organized will of the people, this is what a Constitution is all about, and any piece of paper that declares itself eternal, declares itself impossible to change and above the people, is a manifesto hiding politicians with a dictator mentality.

Now catch what the two above jokers are trying to tell us, that one generation may legally create a Constitution that is god over all future generations.

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My thought is, the purpose of this world is to prove the harm in it.

And it all depends on what people think they deserve. Those who feel they deserve more take all they can take, while those who feel they deserve less give all they can give.

And so, we have a state of war between takers and givers with no end in sight. For whether they be takers or givers all have a clear conscience as they go through life striving to even the score.

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Jews will say that because Abraham and Sarah were past age 100 when Isaac was born, that their son Isaac was conceived by the Holy Spirit. Anyway that is how most Hebrews feel, they all being blood decedents of Abraham,. And add to this all of the Old and New Testament calling them God's chosen people, one would think they be the most humble people that ever walked the earth.

But the result has been the absolute reverse, for knowing that God has called them the best they feel deserving of all things the best. The best land, best war materials, best security and the best dictatorship complete with an abundance of slave labor.

Comes now an atheist to say, "That proves it, surely there is no God, least of all one that can tell the future. Ship the Jews all back to where they came and let Moslems have the peace they deserve, that’s what any moral God would do."

Problem is, three times has God tried that: (1) 586 BC, Israel exiled to Babylon and promised land given to Palestine. (2) 135 AD, Roman Empire leveled Jerusalem and again Jews were exiled. (3) 1943 AD, Hitler by a genocide exiled Jews from Europe.

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Beating a dead horse are they who say Honduras has a real Constitution. For the organized will of the people is the highest law in the land, far higher then the Constitution. And any piece of paper stating that the people go to prison if they try to change it - is hiding a manifesto dictatorship, not making visible a Constitutional democracy.

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Organization of American States -- Three weeks of dead silence

OAS leadership, like the leadership of Empire USA, has no love for the progressive left agenda now capturing the hearts and minds of the majority in the Americas.

OAS leadership has no objection to manifesto democracies created by a smoke screen Constitution, such as the one in Honduras created by a military regime in 1982.

OAS leadership sees nothing wrong with the Honduran Supreme Court being nothing more then a group of politicians holding office for only four years, and hand picked by the very one they are suppose to regulate and impeach. Surely not an independent third branch of government that could prevent abuse of power.

OAS leadership does not have a “Rule of Law.” For they are mostly capitalists who have only one rule: Those more powerful and intelligent must be allowed to compete freely, and to enrich themselves upon the misery of others openly.

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Obama lukewarm on coup -- A disappointment only to the 26% that actually voted for him.

For 50% of voters, my slow and careful thinking laboring class, were not so fool as to waste time voting for our next dictator.

So, Obama got 54% of the votes of those who went to the poles, a small 26% of we the people. So no wonder that during all of the two year election process no politician or media said a word about the laboring class.

For we who hard labor have not the intelligence to tell you dear people how to run your government. But after the fact, when you need to know who it was that corrupted the facts, "Were here to help you beautiful you."

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And surely the officer is telling fiction when he alleges that public speaker Gates used loud, blunt and belligerent language against him. For what Gates most likely did, with a small crowd gathered to watch, was cut the officer to the quick with articulate and skilful words impossible to refute and most embarrassing to endure.

And so, if the arresting officer teaches a course on racial profiling to new cadets, then pity all the victims harmed of his perverse idea of what the Constitution is all about.

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"The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects,
against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated."
Forth Am, US Constitution

First the officer ordered Gates to come out of the safety of his home, destroying his Forth Amendment right. Then the officer ordered Gates to be silent, destroying his First Amendment right to freedom of speech.

The only possible legal complaint the officer had against Gates was a failure to treat an officer of the law with proper respect. But the officer lost all right to be treated with respect by ordering Gates to obey an illegal command and doing it in such a disrespectful way that it greatly upset a very gifted, cool and highly intelligent Professor Gates.