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Maybe they'll hire Homer Stokes to screech about "Agitators! Interferin' with a police mob in the performance of its duties!"

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Griff would have re-enacted Marcia Clark's new hairdo appointment.

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Not even a "robbery". Shoplifting.

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I'm surprised he didn't claim they all had cantaloupe-sized calves from slam-dunking bales of marijuana. There's always tomorrow, someone make sure to stick a mic in his face.

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Truly fine chaps. And by "Chaps" I mean Chapstick made of congealed battery acid.

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He's got a real spectrum of audiences these days: fat old white Harley bar assholes to fat old white BBQ festival assholes.

And the Full Throttle Saloon has possibly the most boring reality show in existence. Oh no, the bar ran out of glasses! Who was responsible for the glasses! Will they get fired over the glasses! Drama!

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The best way to do it is for the restaurant to raise prices and ban tipping. Then, allow the staff to choose before their shift if they'd rather be paid a decent living wage or 20% of their sales. That way, they can make good tips on busy nights and be able to eat when business is slow.

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God, the comments on that article. It shows how Michelle Bachmann got re-elected time and again. There are some stupid rednecks in MN. I've seen less whining about "socialism" and "communism" from southern Obama-deranged morons.

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Are they playing "Spin the Pistol" in that one picture?

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Does Rand at least have black leather arm patches on his sports jacket? No? Not a real libertarian.