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Ya, especially if they have a genuine medical condition called ophidiophobia. These motivators are male-centric and poorly educated and think nothing about subjecting girls to these 'fears' simply because they are girls. Lots need to be done with our educational system, starting with meritocracy.

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Those who are promoting this new logo with a chauvinistic slant are not religious scholars. Halal has a spiritual element to it. If they promote a logo which causes Muslims to say in their hearts before they make a purchase, I am choosing this halal food because it is a Malay Muslim producer, they are losing the spiritual aspects of eating halal food. It's like a world pandering to racist and chauvinist - a Indon halal, a saudi halal, a uae halal. Another one of those ideas that will make the world laugh at our shallowness.

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It is just a religion edict. The catholic church here do it all the time too to their church members. No big deal. It's up to the individual whether to accept or not. Problem with fatwas such as this is that the media gives it too much air time.

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I thought I remembered there's a fatwa that declares the use of ketum to be haram. Will the growers be 'subahat' in encouraging something that's haram? Best get the ulamas to sort this out first and don't let money determine what can be non-haram that was once haram.

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In a theocracy anyone who acts against a kafir harbi is rewarded. In a constitutional democracy like Malaysia, if you do so, you end up in jail or worse. The nons should not just sit quietly and bash the keyboards. It is to your interest to organise lodging of police reports. This is for record purposes if nothing else in the event some idiot takes this kafir harbi thing seriously and acts on it. Nons should organise petitions to the sultans and conference of rulers. Right now all I see is more bashing of Islam on the social media. That's not going to help the situation one bit.

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From what I read, and I stress, based on what I read, there was a verbal option given in 2012, at a price agreed upon in 2009 and a formalised option was finally made in 2014. The stamp duties will reflect market value at date of signing but the price stated in the S&P can be determined based on earlier agreed prices. I too have entered into such agreements - agree to sell a house at rm250,000 in 2007 and gave the tenant 5 years to exercise the option. By the time he exercised the option the price of the house have gone up to RM450,000 but there was nothing I could do since I had agreed at the lower price.
The problem is these UMNO youths people have never done business before. And of cos one can't help by shake one's head at LGE being an accountant for not being more precise in the structure of this transaction so that there's absolutely no room for doubt.

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hehehe, he is working himself up to be sued for defamation. Just give him enough rope, Ms Pang.

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I tell you what Encik Mohd Khalid Atan. I am the owner of my own business. Let's switch places. You take over my company and I work for you, but give me 6 hour day and 5 day week.

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Look at the Middle East and you can see the Mufti is totally out-of-touch and his idea a non-starter. The issues dividing the Muslims is deeper than mere brotherhood in Islam. And the solution is to be found in the political process, like it or not.

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The Prophet (saw) said in his last sermon:
“All mankind is from Adam and Eve, an Arab has no superiority over a non-Arab nor a non-Arab has any superiority over an Arab".
I don't think the good Datuk and I are following the same religion. And I am a Muslim, by the way.