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i have an iphone 3gs new bootrom 4.1 , trying to update it to 5.1.1 of which i have saved shsh. Redsnow keeps erroring out at the point it is about to restore with the apple and the bar underneath. It tells me i have unexpected error 2831.........and thats about as far as i can get ........interestingly i can only get it to restore to 4.1 through itunes as well ....i get errors if i try 5.1.1.

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Success !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I cannot quite believe this. After freezing the phone - i was desperate - i got myself a copy of 4.1ipsw. On this try I forgot i still had it at 6.15, so itunes bricked it to recovery screen. I then tried to downgrade baseband - did not work. i used Tiny umbrella to unbrick recovery....discovering at this point that i was at bb 6.15 as mentioned.....tiny umbrella pushed the phone to reload something - screen had the restore bar under apple.
When it came up the phone had sim in it and was showing no bars - major improvement over - no service... i reconnected to itunes and activated and for a brief second it showed signal bars.....before again showing no service/searching.........
Soooooooooooooo i thought what harm in downgrading bb to 5.13.04 and it worked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! full service. i have lost count of the hours and times i have gone through this process.......................whoohoo.............but i still have not jailbroken or unlocked and i am now at i risk it ........fingers crossed. Thanks to everyone on this site for their support. Your ideas didn't solve the problem , but they kept me going. Thankyou

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Ok .......i think we can rule out the sim card problem. The optus sim card is activated and works in other phones..........i am with telstra and this phone will not work with this known working sim card either. I have also tried different sim card holders but no luck.

Interestingly since the last restore it is no longer showing iccid , not sure what that is about...............anyways prior to the initial restore phone worked on all cards mentioned optus when unjailbroken and then telstra as jailbroken.

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.Ok i restored again using snowbreeze ios 5.1.1 unactivated and no luck ....the phone activated but at the same moment read no service......i am reflashing ipad baseband 6.15 again for good measure, but not too hopeful. no did not work.
I dont think i have tried to do a hacktivated restore because i have the sim, maybe i try that next,
Cydia is also telling me i have shsh for 4.1 so maybe there is another hope is waning starting to think ive got a coincedental hardware failure that happened at the point of restore - or maybe electrostatic shock killed the antenna switches last time i fixed the screen and the restore was the final straw?....Who Knows !

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Thanks mate, i think i did this on my last try........but it will not hurt to do it one more time , appreciate your support. ; 0

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Yeah mate, its locked to optus and i got an optus card in will not connect in either jailbroken or unjailbroken state.

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i am really stuck with an iphone 3gs at 5.1.1 and 5.13.04. I had it going fine until i restored it and i lost connection now all i get is no service/searching.
Ive tried restoring with both custom and stock IOS.......several times
I have reflashed 6.15 numerous times and also down to 5.13.04
I have uninstalled ultrasnow and mobile substrate several times
I have restored network settings several times
I have checked the hardware to make sure the bits are on the board and they are.
Whats weird about this problem is that the iphone is registering the carrier and iccd.
So it must be something to do with the way the phone connects to a network..............are there Known bugs
in this system......there seem to be a lot of people who have encountered this problem after restore but only a few lucky ones that get out of it through reflashing ipad baseband or uninstalling mobile substrate.
By the way i am using snowbreeze and redsnow and no this is not a newbie screwup i have done this successfully numerous times

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5.13.04 - it where istarted from and its where i finished, after many flashes. The first restore did leave with an iphone without a basband stated in the settings menu...but it came back after i jumped it to 6.15 using redsnow

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I restored phone using stock firmware from baseband 5.13.04, it did go awry. I ended up with a phone that did not show baseband in settings at still swithced on etc, so i restored again, but this time i think i went for updating ipad baseband with redsnow first and then did another restore using custom (pwnd first).......ive done this so many times now on this phone, i cant be completely sure what i did............but ive done this a few times on other phones without fault.

Do you have any suggestions........

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Hi fantastic work,
I am experiencing problems. I was able to get through the process downgraded baseband from 6.15 and at 5.1.1, all good, but then i decided to sell the phone to a i restore, what follows is a tale of woe. The phone is now stuck on No service/searching, i have tried flashing the baseband up to 6.15 twice in a row, then flashing it back down to 5.13.04 and repeating this to. Ive tried restoring with stock and custom firmware, and done little things like disabling location services/ toggling the airport switch, as well as reinstalling ultrasnow..........but i just cannot overcome this problem.........
i am beginning to think a hardware problem ....but it occurred from restoring.....does anyone have any bug fixes? I'm out of ideas, other than pulling my phone down, or maybe draining the battery ; (