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I realize that you are not defending that line of reasoning taken by schools but it breaks down on more than simple practicality. Schools often ignore reported bullying or at best give the bully a token slap on the wrist; they can talk a big game about stopping the problem before it escalates but they are reluctant to actually do so. I can only speculate as to why and my guess is the answer is very complicated.

As one who was bullied as a kid and only won out over the bullies by ringing their bells a couple of times, I know from experience. You can report all day but unless it is seen happening the administration doesn't want to get involved. And bullies are pretty good about bullying away from prying eyes. Luckily I'm just old enough that I didn't even get a phone call back to my parents after I knocked a bully out (so to speak); the principal gave him a very stern lecture and gave me a much less stern lecture. And that was it.

I am firmly convinced that changing the balance of power in a dramatic and public fashion is the most effective way to get a bully off your back. It may not be the most humane way, but it works, and I am disappointed that schools nationwide are both ignoring obvious bullying issues and then punishing the victim when the issues reach their often inevitable conclusion. Not sure what I'm gonna do about this issue when I have kids.

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Dude, hopefully I'll be able to go to Gen Con. I just put in for a job in Florida for which I am eminently qualified and it's exactly what I want to be doing. Plus it's 2 hours from my dad, which is good given the fact that he had a heart attack and nearly died last November and I had to rely on my mom to buy me a plane ticket down to see him. Also it's near the Keys, perhaps my favorite place in the world. The Keys give San Francisco a run for its money.

In other words, wish me luck. I'm in the running for a job that would allow me to scuba dive in the Gulf almost year round.

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It's pretty good. A weird mixture of a roguelike, a J-RPG, and one of those Japanese life simulators, but I'm enjoying it so far.

Also I recommend Shadows of the Damned. I have it for the 360 and it's essentially an action horror game that is one long dick joke. It's amazing.

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Not to mention that I think I've internalized the "being a skeptic" thing to the degree that it's hard to really get fired up about it anymore.
This. For me it's no longer a new and exciting thing, it's just my general everyday way of sifting bullshit from non-bullshit. It's a part of me and, like so many other parts of me, I just don't feel the need to crow about it.

I am playing a shitload of Skyrim. I don't have a PS3, just a 360, and that isn't even connected to Live. I just downloaded and installed Svencoop for the original Half Life at my cousin's insistence and it looks like I'll be doing some MP gaming on there, but I generally stick to single player stuff. I still play a lot of PS2 games and I'm currently working through Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4.

Unfortunately, money is tight enough right now that I won't be buying any new games for the foreseeable future. That's fine, though. I have too damn many to play as it is.

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Tom has suggested that I tell the story of the big event in my own life that contributed, probably more than anything else, to my disillusion but that I do it after the blog goes private. There are reasons I never did id publicly which, if I write it up, will be explained. Suffice to say there was a point when some pretty fucked up shit happened and I pretty much stopped giving a damn.

Anyway, thanks, man. I wish you'd been around more regularly these last couple of years but I know how life gets in the way. I mean, that's a major reason why I'm closing up shop. Gen Con definitely maybe depending on how things work out with my job situation.

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For what it's worth, I always felt the same way. Looking back, we both kind of began to taper off about the same time.

I don't know if you've noticed the trend, but it stood out to me even at the time that there was an era when Doggerel was a well respected, oft-linked and cited addition to online skeptical literature and then a bunch of holier-than-thou online noobs showed up with delusions of professionalism and suddenly nobody remembered that Doggerel even existed even though just about everything you ever said in that series was 100% spot on and incredibly useful.

Shit, some of the noobs spouted (and continue to spout) doggerel fairly regularly.

Sigh. For auld lang syne.

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That means a lot coming from you, Les. Like I said when I changed the title, I've been a big fan of SEB for years and you were my model going into the transition. Unfortunately, I just couldn't hack it. I simply don't have the drive or motivation to write anymore.

If I ever do come up with something I think is worth the time, I'll definitely send it your way. Keep on keepin' on over there. And come to fucking Gen Con! I mean, if we all go to fucking Gen Con this year. I know I keep beating this dead horse but man is it a good time. And that's coming from the dude who is closing his skeptical blog partially out of a complete dissatisfaction with organized skepticism.

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Thanks, decadyn. It's good to be appreciated. If you're looking for consistent high-quality writing that isn't afraid to get long-winded, I'd suggest Orac at Respectful Insolence if you don't already read it. Also, Skeptico seems to be getting back into writing and he's also consistently excellent.

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Look below. Looks like you were [puts on sunglasses] outlasted.


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What is it with these people who seem dead-set on actually turning atheism into a religion?