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Personally, I think their animatic for this song was much better than this animation was (largely because the SFM models simply are nowhere near expressive enough - and the animatic had some truly great expressions).

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I've met a some bronies RL. In particular, I met the master of poniponiponi himself, shortskirtsandexplosions, at a convention. (He lives in the same general area as I do.) It was a fun meeting.

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Wow. That's incredibly rude and thoughtless. If you don't like Equestria Girls, that's fine. Just don't watch it. To insist that they should actively lose money on it is insulting.

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That makes two of us, actually! I'm going all in this year (I've attempted twice in the past) and planning to get a whole dang actual novel done. It's scary, but fun.

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So, THAT was a set of imagery I need to take with me off to sleep... My dreams are going to be so Pink'd up...

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Welp, too bad for me. Even if I want to, I can't see it in the theater because there are a grand total of ZERO showings in Florida. How nice.

Edit: In fact, fully half the states have no showings at all, while nearly every state that does have a showing has quite a few. That's a bit whack. Is it really that hard or expensive to show it in, y'know, the other 25 states?

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Epic Wub Time, Children of the Night, Licky Lick, and Don't Mine at Night are probably my favorites.

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That... Was not good. I mean, the overall animation and such was good, but as a story it fails on many levels.

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Oh, stuff on iOS can be modified, even without jailbreaking. It's just not as well known.

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Nearly all stories I'm reading, and... I don't have time to READ THEM. AUGH. Stupid life!