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I'd like to recommend Tanya Huff's Smoke series! The author is a lesbian and a Canadian. The books star a gay man named Tony who has a vampire for an ex-boyfriend (he's still involved in Tony's life) and works as a PA for a syndicated Canadian vampire detective TV show, so he has to juggle saving the world and keeping his job. There's a lot of genre-savvy humor. Tony has a history of being homeless and worked as a prostitute after being kicked out of his home as a teen. This stuff is part of his past and is referenced occasionally, but it's something the character came to terms with before the start of the book and is never examined in detail.

Tony's boss is a black man who plays a large part on the series. His daughters are major characters in the second book. Tony's love interest in the first book is a gay Jewish man. One character who is assumed straight in the first book is revealed as bisexual before the end. One of the primary characters in the third book is a WoC and there are numerous supporting PoCs.

This trilogy is a spin-off of the five book series where Tony first appears. These are the Blood Books, which were adapted for TV as Blood Ties. I do NOT recommend the TV show, since they removed Tony and erased the bisexuality of Henry, one of the lead characters. But the books are excellent. You can read the Smoke books alone, but it might be better to read both the Blood and Smoke books for a Mark Reads project.

There are also a few short stories. I don't think they've been collected anywhere yet, though.

Tanya Huff also writes science fiction and high fantasy and most of her books feature queer characters. I highly recommend looking into her other books as well, either for Mark Reads or personal enjoyment.

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It's kind of funny that this is so early in webcams on laptops days that Keith had to explain what the pinhole was.

Actually, built-in webcams weren't a thing back then. If you look in the scene right after, Veronica's using the same laptop with a webcam clipped to the top. I'm fairly certain that the webcam was left off and they dubbed a line in to explain why there wasn't a camera clipped to the screen.

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I don't think Logan cares much about being embarrassed. I think the scene at the gas station just gave him an idea of how to strike back at his father.

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The reason they're at the shelter *is* bullshit, though. They're not actually helping, they're just exploiting hungry people for a photo op. Aaron makes $20 million a picture and he couldn't be bothered to throw a few thousand towards these people even when he needs a big publicity boost.

I'm not excusing Logan, though. He doesn't give a shit about these people either. He only made his father donate the money to piss him off.

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I'm from San Diego and kids in my high school used to go to TJ to drink all the time. I never did, but I had a friend whose parents were never home on weekends, so we didn't need to go anywhere. I did cross the border on foot to buy alcohol when I was 19, though. I could have gotten in trouble for that, but they never checked my bag.

We used to say "Tijuana doesn't count as leaving the country". We share sports teams and radio stations and people go across the border both ways to go shopping. Sure, there's that international border which snarls the traffic, but there's a border check between San Diego and L.A., too.

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His parents are actors. It's possible he's been exposed to a lot of theater.

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BTW, in the original script, the bong was penis shaped. I assume it was changed once Rob Thomas knew that the show was going to be on UPN/CW.

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*spoilers for episode 6 of season 1*
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