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Perhaps, this will save someone caught in the muck and mire of religion, er, sin.

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>Anyone against weed has never tried it.

Discounting 'born-again' addicts.

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You're wasting your time with that twat. Some of these reddit noobs who bounce into the site and then out having formed a so-called 'informed' opinion like Arrington and his ilk have missed the mark so massively the diverse reddit community is better off without them.

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I have no problem with site devotion. But, you appear dumb as pig guts when you toss out tripe like 'reddit sucks'. Clueless users somehow cannot grasp that reddit offers a tremendous amount of diversity which is found through its subreddits, some of which I find are interesting and informative.

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MySpace gets the shitzoo over allowing the user to crap out their pages but I tell you there is something oddly appealing about this over the rigid visual and structural dominance that is FB. The FB bluedom is prominent and the user is forced into this narrow scape. Millions love the suburban HOA translated into their online experience whereas I tend to flee mass replication.

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I use Adobe products. I found the ads in question absolutely embarrassing and I am not at all loyal to the brand.

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So, by the reasoning of Jesus Jobs a citizen shouldn't question or analyze the president or government of his/her country due to their own humble status?

There is a creeping affliction in tech relating to compliance and the modeling of the modern user. It suggests to me that tech is moving from its original roots of bohemian and highly-creative thinking into a more dominating and egotistical dynamic where processes trump human experience. The ideal is a submissive user that is readily adaptable.

Tech SHOULD be dominated by US, the user, NOT massive corporations whose only motive for existence is the wizard-like manipulation of mass collectives for immense profit. I haven't the slightest problem with massive profit, but as a user I will not stand idly by bowing to whims of gigantic tech machines who plunder humanity with a sterilized callousness. Fuck that!

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A snide article written for the faces of three people and an abstract stack of similars.

This is a sneaky and snarky attack on the sharpest (who might typically read this blog in fact). Read between the lines here and make no mistake about it:

What we have here is an authoritarian mind addressing a body of deviants who DARE step outside the compliant community. It is the happy chirpers that go about accepting any damn thing tech shoves down their baby birdie throats that is the modern user model. If you use- then simply comply.

Balderdash and garbage cans packed with rotgut. Tech-based intolerance for the unconventional and questioning? How novel is this new hypocrisy?

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The Catholic Church is a putrid corpse of bigotry, filth, manipulation, and lies. How any Protestant can support such a vile institution after it has proven itself an atrocious failure over the centuries is beyond my comprehension.

To support such an insidious organization is to have eyes willfully blinded and a mind entirely managed by external sources.

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...and in three years the open-source social network that saved people from FB needs to start making some damn money. Savior Software determines the only asset worth shit on a social network is personal data. Since their billion users are now fully vested like baby lambs humbly shuffling to slaughter and Savior Software is fat with lawyer parasites and v.c. deities the data spigot is flung wide open to the miners and mass manipulators. While the bucks starting quietly piling in and on the FB angel of death starts to waggle its privacy fingers, the lambs start having epiphanies, and another group of kids has a brilliant idea to save mankind from Savior Software.