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You're quite welcome Phil ^_____^ you know we'd do it anytime xD

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Hahah, thanks. And it's a really cheap channel, username, THEMinerva xp

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MY D-bag of the year? Umm... the one you chose. Yes yes. It's just downright sick >=(

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Ouch. So close too!
"See you in Kansas." Hahah.

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Cool, I will fulfill my dream of living in Europe :D

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"...looking back on the past 365 days..."
2008 was a leap year: you forgot a day xD hahah, sorry, had to.
I think I have fewer resolutions and moreof goals, like finishing my novel, posting better-quality and more-viewed videos, stuff like that. :)
As for your resolutions, they sound like good ones :)
Loving yourself can be made easy when you know that someone else loves you for you: know that your audience stands by you, as well as your other loved ones, like those who have actually met you;) Yes, people liking you doesn't make you like yourself, but if someone accepts you, then you know you have good qualities. I once read a book that said your good qualities are as if they are taped on your back: Everyone except you can see them.
My rambling has ended. Good luck!!

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*follows instructions*
"Sexy Phil, he's not sexy, sexy Phil, he's S-X-E..."
*Stares blankly at monkey*
"I name you d-bag of the day."
*insane eye twitch*
"YOU'RE NOT PHILLL!" *realizes*
*sticks hand in blender*

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OR... I could kill him, and do the telegram trick that the Doc did in Back to the Future two, and send myself a telegram telling myself to kill baby Hitler. So he would NEVER live!

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Yesyes! I love Hiro!
It's a shame he thinks he's a ten-year-old.