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She had some dispute with her family and got kicked out.
Spent some time on her own but couldn't sustain herself and ended up homeless.

Considering where she's from, most people have written her off as dead at this point (even if they still check her DA from time to time in hopes of being wrong).

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Are you guys going to use the archive for episodes after Bridle Gossip for "authentic" responses to the episodes?

Swarm of the Century, D-Day:

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That is a hi-poly model with everything that entails.

You can't put that thing into SFM and have it run just like that, you need commercial level real time rendering software (Cinebox) or your own modelling expertise to downgrade the model to get it into workable shape for Source engine.
That or learn about all the wonders of rendering ray traced animation on a personal computer.

We need better interfacing/encapsulation of all of this if we want people to use 3DAnon's models instead.

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"Professionalism is a must"

Hold it, Ms. Harshwhinny. Before I'm forced to post one of the many stories about just what kind of stuff people at id pulled off while developing icons like Wolfenstein 3D, Doom, or Quake. Things the likes of getting the best speakers in the office and playing porn on that computer at full volume to see if they could get Carmack distracted from the task at hand. Or the plethora of injoke cheats put into so many of the older games.

Yeah... professionalism at its best.

In reality, the only person who needs to be on the sane side is the leader/producer of the game. As long as the circus has a competent ringleader, it can continue being a circus doing the weirdest, most unprofessional acts you've ever seen since s/he'll make sure they get things done in order and on time.

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Last I heard the algorithms were taught to show facial expressions based on seeing the face, not the mouth and a strange grey box that covers all the other important focal points they're looking for. ;)

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"It's this thing where we took it ironically but started to like it."

Sorry, but that's not how /co/ works. /b/ at the time, possibly... but not /co/.

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What about a "drawthread" post every (second) friday?

It would be a bit tougher to set up at first but the premise would be simple. Get some artists from the fandom to a post once in a while and have them draw their picks from the suggestions in the comments. Have the pics be delivered in the post itself or append them to the Drawfriend post on the next day (it would even live up to its name that way).

What do you think?

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The problem with that idea is simple, though.

Blizzard and Valve are video game companies. Hasbro is not.
A company like that can't simply "hire" people for no pay or assign them to some random subordinate company of theirs... they'd have to make or hire a fully fledged video game company with all that entails.

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I'm pretty sure the creator of this is Japanese.

Besides, it's not like Hasbro has bots souring the internet for any mentions of a fan game.
As long as it's not something grandiose (Mane6 almost got to EVO, MLP Online basically got to a fully functional MMO stage,...), they won't really do anything to the game. Just look at Futzi's many flash games and tons of other games people have created over the years.

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Pretty much.
I think it's for the better as it's much easier to find 10 minutes of one's time compared to watching the entire monster that is The Anthologies. :)