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Popular until millions of furloughed transition into unemployed in May (particularly in the hospitality sector) and the government has to start repairing the public finances .The aftermath of this will be worse than the actual disease in many ways.

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Trump got unlucky with the timing of Covid 19 - he should have simply accepted that this sunk his election chances and looked to 2024. Unfortunately the bloke has never known when to keep his mouth shut and he's probably made himself toxic amongst moderate republicans.

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Trump should have just accepted that Covid 19 fell at the worst possible time for him and started building for 2024. Instead he's pretty much encouraged a civil war and probably tarred himself as toxic amongst moderate republican voters.

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I don't have much time for the whole 'climate emergency' nonsense - however it does make sense for us as a country to be self sufficient with regards our energy requirements and not to be reliant on imports so if this hurries this along then all well and good.

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Vaccine passports make zero sense to me. Once the vulnerable and susceptible have been vaccinated (likely to be a high uptake amongst this group of people) then you are left with the large chunk of the population who are unlikely to get ill, never mind die from the virus so why on earth would they need a 'passport'?

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The whole climate change evidence is flaky in many regards but I do believe its in our interests in the medium term to be self sufficient with regards energy supply and if that means massive investment in greener technology so we can move away from fossil fuels (and those who supply them) then so be it.

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Trump would be looking at another 4 years right now if he'd learnt how to keep his mouth shut. Regardless of whether he's right or wrong, older (and particularly) conservative voters don't expect to see their leader ranting and raving on Twitter like some sort of angry teenager. He should have rose above it all and got on with implementing his policies which he's done quite successfully.

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2 dire candidates - one a big mouth moron and the other, a bloke who has quite obviously gone senile. As for the US voting system, it seems to be a complete farce - at least in the UK you feel that the voting and counting process has been done reasonably competently and results are promptly released to the public.

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Then just leave it at that and let the lawyers get to it if they feel they have a genuine case. He's deliberately stoking up rage in a country which is already deeply divided and ready to explode. Completely unnecessary and not what a leader of a country should be doing.

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Very irresponsible language used by Trump. If he has evidence of fraud, take it to the relevant authorities. Mouthing off over Twitter is as good as encouraging a civil war which is certain to have very bad consequences in a country where everyone and their dog has a gun.