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Thanks MAOW.
How do you like the place?
I think it is very nice, but a million dollars for an 1,800 sq ft place seems a little crazy.

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All of the videos and photos of the Blog Cabin are up.
From the main page click on Videos on the top banner to see all of the new videos.
To see all of the room photos you need to hit Videos from the main page and only then do you get the "tour the house" on the banner. Click on that to see the photos.

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Me too. ☹️
I did leave a post for you on the dream home blog, under your response to DCcop several weeks ago.
I really miss everyone.

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I have always found your info useful.
Thanks for trying to keep this blog alive.
I'll bet even the people who work so hard on these projects, like Dylan, really miss the interaction they used to have with us.
It really is so sad that HGTV decided that we weren't worth the effort.
Everyone loses, both the HGTV staff and the viewers.
Dylan, if you read this, please keep in contact.
For those of us still checking in here, your input is deeply appreciated.

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Hey Eugenia,
I'm here, let's talk!
So what do you think of the Smart Home?
Funny, but I hated it at first viewing, but it has really grown on me. I'm now a little obsessed.
Favorite, hands down, the master bath and closet.
Least favorite, the dining room. Ugh to that grid on the wall. And ugh to the art except for the cool one by Celery.
Not that I could ever imagine living in Scottsdale, the heat would kill me, but I do imagine some changes I would make if I ever did live there.
First thing I'd do is frame out the opening to the dining room and add French doors, preferably wood framed thick glass doors, perhaps like the front door. It would then become the media/ family room. I'd then carve out a dining room space near the back sliders, where the secondary seating area is. I just really don't need a formal dining room and there's plenty of space in the great room for a dining table.
I'd want to replace all of the iron fencing with solid 3' high stucco walls. Don't need scorpions and snakes taking up residence in my outdoor living space. Oh, and let's add a retractable cover for the pool to stop evaporation.
The kitchen is pretty awesome. The copper tile seems a bit too blingy for me, but I don't hate it; it probably works in person. I really love the wall of glass fronted book shelves fom Basset. It adds a warm balance to all of the cool modern features. Kinda sad there isn't a gas range top, but really, minor complaint.
I'd really love to see that fireplace surround in person; I'll bet it's pretty spectacular. A little Frank Lloyd Wright.
Oh, I'd also add a clear story of glass over the slider leading onto the back porch. That expanse of glass doors is way too short for that tall wall.
As always, Tiffany does the pantry and laundry room right. Oh, and love the office space too.
I feel she has really come into her own on this project. Kudos to her.
I really wish Ut4evr was still around. I know she'd have lots to say about this project.
So, what do you think of the house Eugenia?
Oh, almost forgot, what do you think is that rectangular shaped space which is shown on the floor plans that sits right beyond the outside pantry door? It's got to have meant to be something or why else even have a door leading outside there. I guess they ran out of money to complete it, whatever it was meant to be. Or could it possibly be just a walled space for garden supplies, HVAC and garbage cans?

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Thanks MAOW!
You're the best! Love your sleuthing.
The location seems awesome.
Can't wait to see what house magic Dylan will conjure.

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I'd still use it as a garage in the winter.

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So glad to see we are still getting a blog post. Yeah!!! Thanks Virginia!!!!
The house is sweet. So much to love, especially all of the extravagant tile work and great outdoor spaces. Oh, and I have to give a big shout-out to all of the great Kohler pieces. Seriously luxe for a bungalow.
Great, very functional, and beautiful kitchen. Love it! Thank-you BPF for a single basin stainless steel sink, oh, and prep sink. And lots of storage. Yeah!
Love both the beautiful big backyard and screened porch. Amazing outdoor spaces!
I think I'd add a Mitsubishi heater/air conditioner unit ($5,000) to the garage space, seal the floor, and "viola", 400 extra feet of legal square footage.
Could use some contrasting colors in the decor. A little too much with the sage green, blues and greys. It needs more than black and white as accent colors. I'd add orange and deep yellow in the accent pillows in all of the rooms and maybe in the living room rug. I think I'd add some color to the living room by switching out the car picture with either a gallery wall or a large colorful abstract painting. Truthfully, if I were to live there, the sage green walls would have to go. A very light grey would probably be my choice. I think I'd finish out the basement with a bonus room/media room, bedroom, third bathroom, and storage area.
Overall, a really great home. Thank you HGTV.

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Ut4evr, please don't go. I haven't been here, I know, and a huge family tragedy has also kept me away, but if you go forever, the blog will never be the same.
Please stay. I'll try to be more present too.

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Hi Eugenia,
A friend and I are making a trip to Portland for a week in mid-August and I was wondering if I could possibly meet up with you in Portland or stop by your place if it isn't too far from Portland. I'm not sure how to make this correspondence private, but if you're interested let me know. I'd love to meet you.