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I've been reading a lot. Jonah Goldberg and Several other books. This is a progressive grab for power and restructuring the government. Health care is not the issue here.

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Ok, I've been gone from the site for awhile...I have been emailing my congressional reps regularly but the replies are pathetic. My Representative is having a public meeting tomorrow. Thanks to local talk radio he has already moved from the AFL-CIO union hall at 7 pm to an auditorium at a children's hospital at 2 in the afternoon. He seems to know he is going to get an earfull and so moved from an afterwork time to the middle of the day. Also who wants to protest health care at a kid's hospital? You might look like you are against "the children".

Anyway I'm still going an although I have waded through the 1018 pages of HR there a sight that has summarized issues and locationswithin the bill and suggested questions to ask Reps.?

I have ideas but I'd like to look over others ideas as well

Thanks, in advance!

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Brevity on this topic is difficult to achieve! I agree that the most likely resource available is the Republican Party. The fear is of course that many of those in the GOP are more concerned with retaining power than protecting the Constitution. To use your analogy, I think that many of us are afraid that the doctor will stop the bleeding but leave in a venal port just in case they need to get more blood later. They may not be interested in letting the damage heal completely. The latest GOP road tour seems to back this up as it appears to be the Dem-Lite road show. In that regard I agree with Erika about the 17th Amendment in that it restores power to the States and is less dependent on the national party.

That said, even with the mistake on Amnesty (which I believe he admitted was regrettable), Reagan was a great man and a great President. His optimism and respect for this Country would be a breath of fresh air today. The issues today, however, seem to be leading back to the People and the States in order to make changes. Federalism needs to be scaled back a few steps.

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Defending what we have is not sufficient; gains are only made when on the offense. Some focus is needed to make best use of resources...a fire hose and a sprinkler both put out fires one via focused effort the other just the opposite in use of huge numbers of single drops. Do we focus on one issue and drive toward it or try to overwhelm problems in large individual responses?
I see so many good points in various posts but we seem to be somewhat's frustrating. So many people willing to make the effort and optimistic despite the troubles of the times, we must find a way to make it count.

Thanks for your ear...

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Wonderful thoughts and very well stated!
(part 1)
I find myself in conflict about "venting" to like minded folks (because I know they understand) versus using the appropriate restraint so that comments can be taken seriously. I do not post a great deal, but I read most of them. I have always found that I tend to learn more by listening than speaking.

I do feel we need a direction maybe more urgently than leadership per se. We need actionable goals for all to work on but when considering the number of problems, it is to say the least a target rich environment. Do we aim first for regaining control of the GOP? Should we battle against the Fed? There are of many more to choose from. I feel we need a few agreed upon goals to go after.

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As gtex has referred to the Fed as "pure evil" there is liitle to add except that you are correct in stating few even know what it is, let alone how it works.

Also this comes back to an underlying argument that is much more universal. Left or Right, Dems or GOP are not issues that matter. The issue is not which side of the aisle they are on, the issue revolves around power. We can (and do) argue about who is better or worse, when we should really be concerned about the system that both parties strive to maintain. Does it vest the power back into the hands of the States and individuals or does it put power into the hands of others who can them manipulate the population of the Republic? It certainly can't be a coincidence that so much power is placed in non-elected gov't agencies like the EPA & IRS

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Although I agree with the sentiment behind a constitutional convention it would be equivalent to opening Pandora's box. We need to find ways of preserving and actually applying our existing Consitiution. I shudder to think what would happen if we started from scratch in the current environment of liberal media and a large number of the people without a clue in terms of what the Constitution is and how it was intended to function.

It comes back to the old argument of not needing new law...just enforce what we already have.

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I agree, but all the info I could find seemed to indicate that it was only state offices that could be recalled. I am apparently mistaken in that belief and that is not a bad thing. As to the accountability that comes from the state legislature appointing the Senators, I agree and seriously question the 17th Amendment for that reason.

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I stand corrected! And happily so!

Thanks for the info.

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I'm certain that recalls only occur for State offices and do not apply to the U.S. Congressional offices. Aticle I section 4 of the Constitution and the 17th Amendment define how Senators are elected. Although States have some say in the election process, once the Senator is elected they serve a 6 year term and only Congress has the power to impeach. and remove them.