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That's all very well, but the American driver cut and run, didn't she, before giving any account whatever of her actions? It is up to the courts to decide, if it should come that far, whether the driver has any culpability in such circumstances.

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It is actually rather shocking that any British government should have agreed to such an unequal treaty, which allows British citizens who have spent their whole life in the UK to be extradited to America for actions committed within the UK. And I cannot for the life of me why it should be possible for the US to extradite Assange from Britain.

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Sorry, it is just ridiculous to describe Trump as having been Pttin's greatest ally, he was tougher toward him in his actions than Obama ever was; it seems that even British so-called experts and journalists unable to form an independent judgement about him, without simply parroting the idiocies of the American mainstream press?

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This comment is just hilarious when one considers how Biden's family (and quite possibly Biden himself) have profited from his political office in the past!

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Biden is a classic example of a politician who has risen without trace; essentially mediocre except as a political operator, he is no longer evn in full possession of his faculties. Not much to be expected from him I fear.

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It's really depressing to find such idiotic commentary on American politics at this site, as though it weren't bad enough to put up with it from even the right wing media; it would be a gross abuse to apply the 25th amendment in these circumstances because it was designed to deal with a situation in which the President is physically or mentally incapable of exercising his office, and Trump is neither mad nor physically incapable. He is just Trump, as he has always been.

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I think Trump's ill-considered (and actually rather childish) behaviour since the election has lost him any chance of another shot at the presidency, which is the good side of all of this for the Republicans; to impeach him on no proper grounds a few days before he goes anyhow is merely absurd, and any Republicans who support that will pay for it with the electors. If we think the Conservative Party here is pretty useless at standing up to the left and its nonsense, the Republican establishment is just a joke, largely consisting of self-serving swamp creatures, that's why Trump won the nomination in the first place, and why they resent him so much. American politics at the federal level is a morass in which the politicians on the differenet sides merely differ in the nature of their repulsiveness, with only a few exceptions. And just look at the kind of people who get elected to be president.

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Why do we have this hack constantly parroting all the received wisdom about American politics? Can't they find someone more interesting and original?

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A deal would clearly be helpful to the Irish, but have they really done anything to try to advance the possibility of one? Under Varadkar they did a great deal instead to try to create difficulties and try to obstruct the process. They have thus sacrificed a certain amount of sympathy on this side of the water. Though I'm sure we can work together to overcome any practical difficulties.

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The Irish are really in no position to lecture anyone on all of this, having acted not long ago as a main instrument of the EU in trying to frustrate Brexit, so introducing unnecessary complications into the process; and the failure has come primarily from the EU side in insisting on terms on fisheries and regulational alignment that they have never tried to impose on any other nation in reaching a trade deal. I like to believe that no deal may have advantages as well as disadvantages for the UK. A few years down the line, I also think that common sense will demand that the UK and EU reach a reasonable accommodation (although I fear the EU is taking such a hard line because it mistakenly thinks that the British will come crawling back again next year, so that they will then have the whip hand). Looking at the EU's behaviour over the last four years makes me heartily glad that I voted for us to break away from it, even if I may sometimes have my doubts in other respects.