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The EU first came together when Vichy France met with Hitler at the Berlin Conference of 1942 to discuss the control of post war Europe. France even then was working ensure that should Germany have won WW2 then French Industry would continue to prosper and not be subsumed into the Third Reich. The basic rules for the EU were drafted in Berlin and were adapted in1957 to underpin the Treaty of Rome. A Fascist Organisation set up to control other countries in the guise of Peace Making but actually power seeking. It is not surprising that the German and French elements of the EU hierarchy feature in such numbers.

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'Those on the right who don’t believe in man-made climate change can protest as loudly as they like about this shift in the zeitgeist. '

The attempt to politicise left or right whether climate change is a man made issue or not is pathetic and Guardian Column stuff. Childlike politicised rantings, with about as much credibility as the Greta Thurnberg has with any objectively thinking human being, is unhelpful to say the least in finding a way forward. Perspective is needed by our Government and sacrificing the UK economy and the population on the altar of a virtue flag target based the UK contributing 0.37% of manmade emissions, especially when China is pumping out 35% of those emissions and still building coal fired power stations, without a formal world wide agreement is naive to the extreme.

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Another with a Nelsonian left eye!

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It is money being wasted. Our Civil service see the 0.7% as being a target to meet regardless of the outcomes achieved from the the donation, whether it be to line dictators pockets or to promote some political ideal. China does not need or deserve, it, India has no need of it, quangos need to find other employment etc etc. Keep it as a contingency disaster relief fund if and when necessary but not as a legally obligated level of expenditure to countries which are on a par in the civilised world. A stupid Cameronian idea!

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'scrutiny of the scholiasts of the Star Chamber.”
Please please press for a full period of scrutiny, for as soon as I hear phrases like the above slide out of the Serpent's mouth, I begin to worry.
Just as the Buffoon publicly dismissed the bear traps and shackles hidden in the Political Declaration, or chose to ignore them to keep his own devious EU relationship requirements within reach, his, at best, sloppy understanding of the unintended consequences of rushing to be pictured with his thumb up to von der Leyen and his school boy need to announce a 'stonking victory' should be closely scrutinised by Parliament and others who know what deceit the EU can be is guilty of.
Read his Foreword to his 'stonking' Net Zero' virtue flag and , if you know anything about the science and engineering issues, you will see the muddleheaded thinking and technical incompetence in black and white.

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Boris has passed his sell by date. His journalism lingo did indeed have some readable appeal as it showed some contrarian spirit and journalistic objectivity. Sadly, at some point between becoming Mayor of London and Prime Minister the tone has changed. In his new job it has become excessively patronising and rings of neo-feudalism. His technically weak and unpragmatic intellect has been exposed. He puts into mind the caricature of the young entitled Etonian Officer in the First World war making 'jolly hockey sticks' leadership speeches to raw recruits before going over the top which he seems to feel gives him some sort of Churchillian appeal! Well, he is wrong. It doesn't have any appeal to the thinking population, and that includes the Red Wall. In fact his pomposity, verbosity and bungling conduct is building a sound base for the Reform UK Party. Ie. that base which gave Boris his 80 seat majority but now are beginning to realise their mistake.

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The recommendations by the UKFIRES Study and backed by the CCC are full of controlling citizen behaviour. They read like an Extreme Rebellion Election manifesto!

1984 has just moved a century to 2084. I am so glad that I will not be here.

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Rubbish. The EU particularly France subsidises huge tracts of its infrastructure industry in that it either has majority shareholdings or a controlling shares in business ranging from banks to railways to energy companies. All done on the pretext of these industries qualifying as involving national security. The company that won production of the new Blue British Passports is funded through a French Government controlled bank!

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The biggest problem is the type of testing being carried out. See the extract below from an MPs' briefing Paper dated 26 Nov 20 showing that a PCR-based COVID testing has failed and is not a proper basis to lockdown the nation, let alone decide on tiers for restrictions. The report details the misleading conclusions from PSR testing as opposed to Lateral Flow Testing. The opinion is based on:

An epidemic is defined as the wide spread of an infectious disease. The final letter of COVID is “D” for “disease”. A disease requires symptoms. Public Health England’s National COVID-19 case definition required the presence of symptoms. Somehow symptoms have become irrelevant. We are now chasing down the healthy, immune population who are being over tested. This includes those in hospital with other symptoms and for other reasons. If we tested for influenza in the same way and with the same implications, we would have to lockdown every winter.

Track Trace was/is a Disaster and the same with testing.

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He was gifted the last election by Farage. As such he is now proving to be a similar untrustworthy disaster to May except in the manner of being a loose cannon who, as Lord Lawson said, is completely economically illiterate.