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You may find it useful to review a couple of things.
1. An explanation of the Single Market, with a video showing Messrs Cameron and Osborne making it clear that a vote to leave meant a vote to leave the SM :
2. An explanation from lawyers of how the Customs Union isn't possible if we have a true Brexit :
What we're seeing are merely thinly-disguised attempts to block the democratic will, and a disappointing level of casuistry from a large number of MPs because they need to try to justify their untenable positions.

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I watched both of Mrs May's speeches to Conference. If pushed, I'd probably label myself broadly as 'right-of-centre libertarian'.

Can anyone tell me who I'll be able to support in 2020?

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Delighted you mention GDP per head, Malcolm. As you say, this is a far more interesting figure. Even more interesting is to look at average incomes.

GDP has risen by over 25% since 2007, whereas in the same period average incomes have fallen by over 6%, after inflation. [Source: ]

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Yes, there are a few pieces on this subject here:
It doesn't make for fun reading if you voted for Leave, I'm afraid. May has been packing the Government with Remainers. The Cabinet is 74% Remain. The new Junior Minister appointments amongst MP's amount to 86% Remain.

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Sorry, did I suggest "making every single government appointment on the basis of maintaining a completely arbitrary balance between MPs who support one side or the other of a single issue"?

That would be ridiculous and therefore you're throwing up a straw man argument.

Brexit is the single biggest issue for any Government to deal with in decades. My point stands. There's been no attempt whatsoever to reflect the opinion in the Party or the country. In fact, the composition of Government has gone in the opposite direction.

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In fact only 56% of Tory MP's were for Remain. 42% were for Leave, 2% didn't know.

See my comment above to Keith_N

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In fact only 56% of Tory MP's were for Remain. 42% were for Leave. 2% didn't know.

That will surprise many people because of course we were fed the usual media bias during the campaign.

So, compare that to only 14% of Tory MP's who've been made into new Junior Ministers being from the Leave camp. Sound reasonable to you? Thought not. And the Cabinet being only 26% Leavers?

My original comment therefore stands, based on the evidence.

Regarding your comment about whether the PM should have been a Leave supporter - yes, of course. And it DOES matter how jobs in government are placed, whether they're in defence, education or whatever. If Leavers are in a disproportionately small minority in the Government, their voice will be marginalised.

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"only Michael Gove was on TV"???

I would never normally recommend anyone to watch more TV, but it's where most voters get their news. In your case, I'd say you need to get out less! :) There were a large number of very talented people in the Parliamentary Party who campaigned for Leave.

As for representative Government, yes, I'm slightly older than 7 years old and do understand such things. Do you know the proportion of Tory MP's who were for Leave as opposed to Remain? It might help for you to know that before you quote other percentages. I can enlighten you if you want.

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Are you not overlooking the fundamental point? May is packing her Government with people who don't represent the electorate and it's starting to look deliberate. Did you click the link? It shows it very graphically.

As for "all the key leading Leavers", I disagree. There were many more names who appeared regularly on TV who are nowhere under May.

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Paul, why no comment from ConsHome on Mrs May's packing of the Cabinet, and Junior Minister roles, with Remainers? 74% of her Cabinet are Remainers, as are an incredible 86% of her new Junior Ministers so far.
A few big names are all very well, but the Government as a whole is massively pro-Remain. This is a deeply worrying message for those of us who are concerned whether Mrs May will truly deliver Brexit.
See the analysis on's site here: