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While it's a show for a show aimed at young people, this site has always been aimed at the show's older fans--which is why episode followups are a thing we do in the first place. Regardless, I'd put long odds on any of the lines you singled out offending most readers' sensibilities.

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"... unless we were much older and watched all these shows he references"

I mean, to each their own on all the other stuff, but... I turned 22 three weeks ago, brah. Excepting PK by like a few months, I'm the youngest person on EqD staff.

Don't say The Breakfast Club is for old people. You'll make me cry. ;-;

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Actually, most web browsers already have a really neat feature built in for just such a purpose. If you click and drag the little bar on the right side of the window down a little bit, the text on the page disappears into the top of the window, and new text comes up from below to replace it. It's a pretty ingenious design.

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You tell me, man.

Peyote's a hell of a drug.

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>Burraku Pansa — PathworkPoltergeist’s A Diamond and a Tether was nearly perfect in terms of this contest, to me.


In all seriousness, I'm pretty pleased with a Top 5 showing. A comedy surrounded by so many serious stories of such quality has its work cut out for it, so the fact that it was competing near the top spot is more than enough to satisfy me. Congratulations to all of the other winners, and my condolences to billymorph, because I'm going to have to hunt you down like an animal in the night for beating out "A Diamond And A Tether" for first place. I fanboy about so little, and YOU HAD TO RUIN MY FUN.

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Marry a donkey.

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Don't you dare disrespect Any Given Sunday like that.

(Seriously, though, they're literally all just me copying movie scenes and adding in horses. Very little actual writing goes into them.)

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Sorry about the late post, everyone. The post got stuck in draft mode and I wasn't aware of it until now. Apologies for throwing off the copypasta timing.

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For the record, the joke was that Noteworthy is a crossdresser, not a homosexual.

Other than that, yeah, that's pretty much what I was going for.