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I totally agree with you on that, Ryan.

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Damn straight.

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Where is the evidence that the speech was changed? I'd like to read the first take.

Just because Rush and a couple other "media-type" guys (whose goal it is to make money first and foremost even at the expense of reality and truth) are spewing that doesn't mean it is true.

The real battle isn't one person or one party (and there's a ton of that singling out stuff going on) ... the real battle that should be fought should be waged against them all in current elected offices.

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SHUSTER?!?!? What are you talking about, Ryan? Most of the people in Shuster's district HATE Bill Shuster. And there would definitely be a ton of sentiment carryover in Cambria. The main problem is that other than Mike DelGrosso a few years back (and he really scared the crap out of Shuster if you recall but won't run again), there has been no other realistic candidates. And Tony Barr is way too left to really give Billy a good challenge. If a real challenger ran against Shuster and had the funding to advertise in the populated areas (be it primary or regular election), Bill would be out of office.

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All these Q & A's are rigged. Bill Shuster had a "tele-conference town hall meeting" a few weeks ago, and every caller that got through stroked and kissed his ass like you wouldn't believe. When you logged onto it, there was a screener wanting to know what questions/comments you had. Shuster did not receive a single piece of criticism during the whole event. Now, THAT is rigging.

Hell, Shuster won't come on WRTA - Altoona talk radio because he's afraid of "the hostile environment" (his words) that tends to listen to WRTA. Que the Chicken Song.

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Huckleberry "Legislator" Finn to Tom "Sawyer" Corbett ... "Pass the white-wash, puhlease."

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Yeah, but I don't envy the position those 60 people are in now. They didn't create the positions, most probably just applied for them and were hired for them minus the nepotism. Now they are the ones paying the price for some idiot creating frivilous job positions. And I'm sure the ones who created those positions are nowhere near having their job eliminated.

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School's back in session and football is starting.

You can bet that the plan in Harrisburg is "the population is turning their attention away from the capital and focusing on the gridiron. Now's the time to git-r-done."

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Hope these guys can gain a foothold on the beach-head with this action, but these entrenched career-minded politicians along with the party leadership on both sides of the aisle, aren't going to allow this to happen.

And if Corbett takes as much time looking into this as he is with BonusGate, we'll all be dead of old age before anything is discovered or done.

But good luck. I'm sure that if asked one-by-one, the majority of citizens within the commonwealth would want to put a stop to this practice.

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Maybe he could take a "borrowed" boat down the Ohio into Kentucky. He already has a lot of experience in taking boat trips.