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Fake or not ... it really helps one see how precious life is. Just watching some of those how close the people were to being seriously injured OR dead. Great montage and you know what is even cooler than the video? The link to the post. At least, I find it cool ... but then again ... I like Math. BTW ... the wordpress theme is looking rather slick too!

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Why should it matter what motivates people to do the things they do? If you are pushing videos out on YouTube .. of course you want people to watch them - that would be an extrinsic motivator. It is exciting to see that not only 36 people are watching and enjoying something you created when you now have 300. If I was not getting some motivation by people watching and enjoying ... then why would you not just keep them on your computer as opposed to sharing them? Maybe I am viewing this from the wrong angle.

If I said that I become a doctor because of the money ... does that necessarily make me a bad doctor? No, I might be a pretty amazing doctor AND enjoy what I do ... however, it is the money that motivates me. If I said that I became a teacher because of the holidays, then you would probably label me as a horrible teacher without even considering that I enjoy the holidays to recharge and refresh as I truly enjoy some of the intrinsic motivators of teaching.

And if someone is making videos for fame ... all the power to them ... if they enjoy what they are doing. If they are making videos for fame AND hate making videos, then I could agree that this might share some factors of annoying.

When I make a video ... SURE ... I want people to watch it. That is why I push it out onto YouTube isn't it? So what is wrong with being motivated by the goal of having more and more people watch and enjoy? Is my purpose to become "famous"? That is a fairly difficult and complex question to answer. A simplistic answer would be NO as there are many other motivators behind SwasBoss TV. Unfortunately for some, indirectly it must be a desire for fame as I want to reach as many people that I can who enjoy it.

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Vad kul!

Förlåt min svenska ... är inte sååååå spännade ... hehe. Det blir kul om du kan skriver lite grann på svenska. Are you going to start your personal blog here? Eller ...

Yeah ... jag också bloggar på It is more of a personal blog, men jag också tycker om att YouTube och ladder upp till flickr. Hehe ... Så kommer förbi :D

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I have been deleting blogs since 2006 ! ! !

I have now been blogging for about 6 months and all is looking good ... imagine!

To answer the reason why ... I have no idea. I guess one really does need to find a focus for the content of their blog ... such as yourself. I mean ... you can only write that you got up and had breakfast so many times. I mean that is what Twitter and Facebook are for ?? Aren't they? Then again ... think about most things in life. How many activities does one keep consistently doing year after year?

It being the New Year ... blogging just might be like exercising. You can exercise for years and just suddenly stop. No real reason ... it just sort passes you by and I think the same is true with blogging. One just finds other interests in life? Maybe I am wrong ... just a couple of thoughts anyways. I swam for years ... it was a lifestyle more than a habit, but suddenly ... I stopped. It was a lifestyle change. So can't the same be true with blogging? Even if it goes beyond a habit to become a lifestyle ... then there is still no guarantee that you will continue for years and years.

My two cents anyways.

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Phil, been a while since I have dropped by the site, but glad I caught up to ready your New Years Resowhateveryouwanttocallthems.

You have made a HUGE SUCCESS as some people might say. I certainly think so. Imagine, what you have accomplished! It truly is brilliant.

I too have to LOVE MYSELF more ... by becoming more physically active. Imagine ... used to swim 10 km a day ... now maybe a walk. So that is a big one.

The one that I urge you to pursue ... as much as you possibly can is to travel! I know that you do a lot of hop skippin jumpin' in the US, but you really should do as you say. Just take some time ... and go with no plan for a couple months - if at all possible. Especially, if you are thinking about returning to school in the upcoming year.

There is just something about traveling and living the good life. You can see pictures, but there is really nothing about experiencing it. I know that I cannot be happier right now with the freedoms to travel a few times a year ... and have Europe as my backyard.

Good Luck in 2009!

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shi*!*!* ... haha ... I might have to use this one ... as you pointed out ... people do find were you blog ... and they tend to find it faster than you think ... hehe. It is funny how many non professional bloggers go through these laps of posting ... especially with all the social media that surrounds us. I have been blogging on and off since 2006, but really have just become someone consistent over the last 6 months. Even then, I am not posting as often as I would like.

BUT, there is a fun of posting ... and it just becomes more of a habit. Good luck in 2009 with keeping your blog on the DL and trying to avoid those episodes of nonpostingness :D

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Hopefully, this will work better than stumbling around on their site trying to retrieve an MMS message. I have received two ... and after that ... I could just not be bothered to fumble around on the telia website. I will be back in Sweden in a few days, so will be excited to try this new app outz! Thanks for the info!

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Just stumbled upon your blog from intense debate surfing ... and the new layout is looking good. The first page that I visited, which I am sure was the homepage ... needed some horizontal scrolling, but this page that I am on now is looking brilliant. I really like the simplicity of your page. I just caught a glimps about MMS for Swedish iPhone ... jättekul!

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I really cannot understand why you were not invited? Honestly? I thought for sure you were pulling a PhillyD on us ... and end up being the host of the show. Yeah ... PhillyD not invited to the LIVE event ... that makes sense! I can understand not inviting SwasBoss, but let's be a little realistic here. Kewl pic! I remember reading about these kids a few years ago on my way back from a semester of school ... that is enough to make one depressed after all that time and effort studying for a couple of pieces of paper. You really should post your pics of the event on Flickr!

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What a Kick in the Pants for WordPress 2.7 ... with threaded commenting about to be given the business! I just just come across this Social Network today and I think it is absolutely amazing from a blogger's perspective! Awesome! I have just started using it with WordPress ... and even leaving a couple comments and it just works so slick out of the zip ... great work folks! And thanks!