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🤔 I don't recall him being too snarky; I feel like a lot of snark ends up with the side characters, and he was a main-ish character.

The spirit in the sword did manifest in human form quite regularly, which was very helpful for the whole romance plot line, among other things.

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Oh, yes.

He was more specifically a berserker paladin. His god kept him from hurting innocents. That protection is gone; the tendency to get lost in a berserker rage is not.

The duology was the first books in this setting, and they also feature an ex-paladin, though his reasons for no longer being a paladin are very different. And then the other romance has an enchanted sword as one of the leads.

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It's a new fantasy romance by Ursula Vernon/T. Kingfisher! It's set in the same universe as her previous fantasy romance and also a not-quite-romance duology which still had a strong romantic subplot.

The setting has a lot of standard fantasy tropes, but they're handled in interesting ways. Like, there are multiple gods with temples full of priests, paladins, etc. But instead of having, like, a god of farming and a god of war and so on, there's a god of fixing things whose priests are often lawyers and a different god whose priests are very devoted to burning heretics at the stake. And one of the leads is an ex-paladin, not because he did anything that would disqualify him from being a paladin, but because his god died.

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I used YNAB for budgeting for quite a while, and I really liked it. It's a virtual envelope system.

They provide a lot of advice and stuff, which does occasionally veer into slightly odd territory, but is mostly pretty good.

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I spent too much of the weekend playing Stardew Valley and too much of yesterday evening reading a new book and now I am sleepy and still have a long to-do list. I did get a fair bit of work done on a big volunteer project, so that's good.

On KonMari, I made it through the easier parts of my book collection, and I've decided that further refinement can wait for a second pass someday after I've pared down the rest of the things that I own too much of.

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That does sound really frustrating.

For ADHD, it's apparently common to find new things easier to focus on, so if your work has changed recently then being able to focus at work but not at home might be a sign of ADHD. The trouble getting stuff done at home does sound a lot like how I experience ADHD, but when it got bad for me it was bad at work too.

I suppose the one thing all the possibilities have in common is that your doctor might be able to help?

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Have you made sure any updates are applied? One of the things that annoys me about WordPress is that it needs updating so often, but the updates do help sometimes.

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Ah, that sucks. I'm sorry to hear it.

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Inositol! Specifically Ovasitol, but not at the dosage recommended by the manufacturer, because they recommend a dosage close to four times what's been studied for the combination of inositol types that's in Ovasitol. More detail about this follows, but feel free to skip it if you're not that interested. :D

So for the dosage, there've been studies showing good results from 2000 mg myo-inositol twice a day, and studies showing even better results from 550 mg myo-inositol plus 1/40th as much d-chiro-inositol twice a day, so I guess the people manufacturing the supplement decided to combine those and recommend 2000 mg myo-inositol plus 1/40th as much d-chiro-inositol.

This is where I got basically all my info about what studies have shown. Half the studies are focused on fertility, because of course they are, but the other half were useful. Don't think any of them were longer than twelve weeks, though.

The manufacturer recommended dosage is a little under one teaspoon, so I started by taking 1/4 teaspoon. My testosterone levels were still a teensy bit above the normal range when I had bloodwork done a couple months ago, so I've been increasing the dosage a bit at a time with the help of a set of those novelty measuring spoons that say things like "smidgen" and "tad" on them. I'm up to nearly 3/8 teaspoon. I had a few hot flashes, or something very like hot flashes, when I first started inositol and when I tried increasing the dose by a bigger amount. The tiny increases every couple weeks have not caused this problem.

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Laundry is definitely a form of productivity.