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I remember when we used to hold the clean- cut, "all- American"quarterback up as a role model. Now we vilify him and tear him down as if he were an oddity. Well, maybe he is the odd one when it comes to sports today. Tebow, hasn't raped, shot, punched, or cheated anyone. He doesn't curse, use drugs, or get in trouble off the field - yep, he certainly is the exception in the sporting world today! The guy hasn't even completed a full season and yet he is held to a standard that is completely unreasonable. Maybe in the off-season he can get a DUI and then he will be a true pro!

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Just because he didn't win doesn't mean that he was alone -being Christian doesn't mean we always get what we want, but God is still there. That's kind of the whole point... its called faith and not just when things go your way.

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You have 364 other days to be an a$$ why not take a day off for the holidays! Mockery, the tool of the foolish and intellectually challenged. But then again, you are citing SNL... I rest my case.

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Oh, its still early yet. He will sue the home owner, the rope manufacturer, the car manufacturer, the county, the state..... and he will probably get a reality show or at least a book deal in the end- the new American dream!

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So now the very individuals you label under negative connotations and paint with a broad brush stroke (and please don't dare say that the tone of your retorts does not do this) you suddenly find useful for your piqued interest. Very interesting indeed. And no we are not all fools only those who use provocative and inflammatory statements like " Folks who threaten violence on people they don't understand through opinionated blogs and carry guns can only exercise their first amendment rights. Anyone else who doesn't agree are hostile dirty marxists & communists " are fools That sounds like you are making generalizations for everyone here much like that which you accuse the people who don't support the occupy movement of doing. Remember your words " But like any organization, if 100 people out of 100,000 people were being violent, there's no need to put the hurt on everyone. " Or does that logic not apply here as well?

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You are so interested in the facts - perhaps you could have fact-checked yourself before posting your retort - you know so as not to be thought the fool. And you don't have to search every web site there's this new thing called Google that will basically do it for you. However your lack of effort in doing a simple bit of research or simply making a little extra effort speaks volumes and is typical of people who make broad- based generalizations (no matter what side they are on).

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How true. Let's focus on French punctuation and not on the substance of the article. I so wish that my mind would allow me to deviate to drivel like the liberal mind does; it must be such an interesting reality. Then again, I don't use drugs so I guess it will never happen.

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You are drawing a moral equivalency between Iraq and a pepper spray incident .... really. Man, that is really grasping at straws and a weak ineffectual argument at best. Captain of the debate team I take it? Funny, I have gone back to school recently and I don't seem to have the time to sit on my A$# and protest. Silly me, spending my time going to classes, studying, working... you know, what college is actually supposed to be about. A more self-absorbed and entitled generation has never walked the face of the earth as that of our "occupiers" all the while spouting off that they are doing it for the betterment of our society - as long as that society conforms to their definition of acceptable. I believe its called irony or is that hypocrisy.

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Small business like McDonalds? Last time I checked McDonalds wasn't a real high paying job. So by letting them have the waiver to Obamacare (which we were all told was designed to help the little guy) - is actually the antithesis of the stated purpose of the damned law in the first place- which is actually consistent with the lies this administration has perpetuated all along. So really, it all makes sense.

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So since you claim to believe in the "law" you are aware then that these poor suffering "protesters" who are urinating and defecating on the streets are violating many heath and safety laws in the city. If they are homeless and hungry the city has established places designed to help them - they however are not seeking help but rather are interested in subverting the system. And lets not mention the intimidation of the business owner. Yes, they can peaceably assemble but please check out the rap sheets that are mounting at these protests around the country and the violence that is occurring. I guess the law only is applicable when it is in line with your beliefs - the ends justify the means right? By the way this situation is a s far removed from "Hoovervilles" and the Great Depression as one could possibly get and to suggest that they are similar is both ignorant and disingenuous.