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Canadian Steve,

"IDF Admits It Doctored Flotilla Audio Clip. Washington Post’s Kessler Must Retract


The IDF admitted today in a press release that it doctored audio footage from its exchanges with the Gaza flotilla in order to paint the flotilla passengers as anti-Semites. I am beginning to wonder if the Israeli military hired James O’Keefe to handle its press shop."


Gee, Steve, I called it as I saw it and you tried to spin it as "conspiracy insanity"...now who is the one spinning and disembling false information? The IDF that's who, and you are backing them up.

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The leadership of these three men was enough to drag the Jews of Khaybar into conflict aimed at retaliation against the Muslims. They were driven by an inner hatred and strong desire to return to their homes in Madinah.

Their first move against the Muslims came in the Battle of the Ditch, when the Jews of Khaybar, led by the leaders of Banu al Nadir, played a significant role in the incitement of Quraysh and the desert Arabs against the Muslims, and spent their own money for that purpose. Then they succeeded in persuading Banu Qurayzah to betray the Muslims and cooperate with their enemies.

After God had aided the Muslims in defending Madinah and defeating the tribes, the Messenger felt that it was important to deal with the situation in Khaybar, which had become a source of great danger for the Muslims.

Thus the continued hostility and arrogance of the Banu Nadir was what drug the Jewish tribes of Khaybar into conflict in which they were vanquished...they got what they planned for.

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The Jews of Khaybar did not show any hostility toward the Muslims until the leaders of Banu al Nadir settled among them. These leaders had been deeply hurt by their expulsion from their homes (In Madina). The expulsion had not destroyed their power, because they had left Madinah with their wives and children and their wealth, followed by singers beating drums and playing wind-instruments in an act of conceit and pride, the like of which had never been seen among any people at that time.

The most prominent leaders of Banu al Nadir who settled in Khaybar were Salam ibn Abu al Haqiq, Kinanah ibn Abu al Haqiq, and Huyayy ibn Akhtab. When they came to Khaybar, the people accepted their leadership.


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"Israel has a legal right..." In your warped reality, maybe.

Under international law the siege on Gaza and all Israeli acts in the West Bank are considered illegal.

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From the evidence of what you just wrote, you have no clue what you are talking about...

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Yeah, right. No...really...can anyone take you seriously? Read your own post.

Maritime law gives them the right to prepare to repel borders with any means necesarry. It's clowninsh you giving credence to a video produced by the master spin doctors on earth, the IDF. They make invasion, murder, and occupation sound like "Self Defence"

And what a bunch of spineless wimps they are.

I say Turkey should exercise the right to protect it's own citizens in international waters and send a couple destroyers and a missile frigate along to escort the next flotilla.

Let's see those IDF candy asses face that.

"Oh no! They have real weapons! Hike your skirts boys, time to dive overboard!"

Gawd! The shame...Spec Ops? You mean Special ED! : )

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contd. from above

This cowardly act is only superceded in cowardice by the IDF lies in response and people like Robert supporting them in their dissemination of those lies.

I mean, if you hear the voice of the IDF (Special Forces???) in the IDF blacked out screen version of the attack whining cowardly as he cries "They have real weapons!!" I imagine there may have been an overpowered IDF (Special Forces???) member who was disarmed by elderly overweight peace activists prior to his heroic act of bravely leaping over board to save his own skin...Special Forces??? [Maybe Special Ed : ) ]

Is this their finest? : )

I digress...these are not only the actions of a failed state but of a failed military force...it is spiraling downward and will collapse inward on itself if it does not right the course of the Israeli administration...seriously, Israeli government is currenlty the Israelis wost enemy.

If the Jews of Israel love her and want to save her they had better wake up and smell the coffee:

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BTW to Roberts BS line about activists attacking first: the IDF armed solidiers, launched ships and helicopters, engaged in hostile postures in international waters, further pursued an unarmed fleeing civilian cargo vessel deeper into international waters, then fired upon it with live rounds from helicopters while boarding (autopsy verified that one civilian victim was shot through the top of the head). Maritime law provides for vessels under attack of piracy the right to repel boarders with all means necessary...obviously unarmed they attempted self defense with weapons of opportunity.


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Unfortunately Mr Aykol has fallen into Spencer the Spin Doctor's trap. Every nuance of every word in every question it speaks is double talk loaded to fuel the islamophobic spewing. It labels people just to illicit a response. Like the Pariah State the truth and the facts erode the credibility of clowns like Robert and the Three Ring Circus of liars, the Pariah State.

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If the parents have any wisdom at all they will file charges with the FBI against the people who kidnapped her.