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13 years ago @ KCRG - Cedar Rapids Woman Cha... · 1 reply · +57 points

pictorial proof that pi mpin ain't easy! :D

14 years ago @ KCRG - Gay Marriage Opponents... · 1 reply · +14 points

just a little bit hypocritical that you bible thumping males will admire two lesbians being together in a magazine, a la a playboy centerfold, and against the bible's admonishments, you'll "waste your seed" on such things... yet when it comes to two lesbian females being together in another 'book', put down on the county recorder's lists as married, you're not quite so keen on it.

i wish this stories headline was more appropriately titled, "gay marriage opponents push to let voters decide other people's rights"...

14 years ago @ KCRG - Man Charged for Defeca... · 9 replies · +9 points

$200... seriously?!? Did he defecate or have a full out bowel explosion?

14 years ago @ - Cedar Rapids leaf coll... · 0 replies · +2 points

The point of these vacuum trucks is to make it possible to collect the leaves off the curb, keeping them out of the street... I bet you'd have a better appreciation of them if the storm sewers in your part of town ended up clogged up from leaves in the street and your home or business flooded out as a result.

14 years ago @ KCRG - Dairy Farmers Killing ... · 1 reply · +5 points

He ll yeah! Where's the beef?!?

14 years ago @ KCRG - Woman says Federal Gra... · 0 replies · +1 points

That's probably accurate. Bet they found something supporting her link when executing this search warrant: . Just search her name for details, KCRG won't take the excerpted post.

The referenced video is still available online: . It's not exactly innocuous, but probably just enough to provide for warrant under domestic terrorism (a la GWB's far reaching Patriot Act).

While I'm all for protecting animals... and protesting the GOP... not sure destruction/violence is the way to do it.

14 years ago @ KCRG - Robbery Suspect Accuse... · 0 replies · +1 points

Note to self: Invest in KY stock. With the recent crime activity in CR, lube's got to be in demand. Or wait, is that even available from the commissary?!?

14 years ago @ KCRG - Sioux City Lawmaker Ed... · 4 replies · +3 points

I agree with you, Daymon. I consider myself socially liberal and fiscally conservative, but always vote as a Dem because I can't side with intolerance from anyone. I might vote otherwise if it weren't for these religious nuts.

Our founding fathers, or those that initially colonized this country, would be considered terrorists... no doubt. Just look at the genocidal acts against native American Indians in the name of Christianity (all the while we were fleeing persecution or forced religious indoctrination by the Britons to pursue 'freedom').

P.S. There is a great movie on the abortion issue, Lake of Fire, that takes a real objective look at both sides of the debate. Features Noam Chomsky among others and is worthwhile for anyone on either side of the fence...

14 years ago @ KCRG - Iowa City Bar Ban | KC... · 0 replies · +1 points

Smart move. There are more bars per general establishment in IC downtown than really need be. I don't mind a few good ones (e.g. Joe's/Deadwood) but the number they've allowed is quashing the good cultural/diverse scene the ped mall area used to have.

14 years ago @ KCRG - Coupon Queen Cashes in... · 0 replies · +8 points

Awesome. Susan Samtur should run for state Senate. God knows we need this kinda frugality to balance our budget! Ha.