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I haven't seen past this episode yet, but I really need to know... Do Amanita's three dads show up again? Because they are awesome, and the sort of thing we all need in our televised entertainment.

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Me watching this episode: Am I going to be able to see Sylvester McCoy as a new and unique character, or will he just be The Doctor to me?

The Old Man of Hoy: Look, we all know sapiens. I mean, some of my best friends are sapiens. When sapiens feel safe, they're the nicest people you could meet. However, feed their inner demons, frighten them...

Me: This doesn't answer my question.

Also, the Pride Parade scene was monumental. Just seeing Lito publicly affirm his identity after a season and a half... It warms the heart. It's not like anyone on here needs a reminder that giving folks a safe avenue to be who they are, to express and explore their identity, to proclaim their personhood... That these are good things.

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Wait, so the director of this episode is James McTeigue, who also directed the Wachowski produced film version of Alan Moore and David Lloyd's classic comic V for Vendetta. And they actually WENT there? Including a dig at the film's vanguard of verbosity? I don't know if I'm shocked or impressed.

I am shocked by the ending, I know that. The Doctor said a swear...

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The banana. As a supporter I hate it, but as a fan of literature I'm astonished and amazed by it.

The throwing of a banana on the pitch is one of the darker "traditions" in football. It happens less frequently nowadays, mostly because vendors near stadiums were made to stop selling them on match day. You see, they were thrown at black players, by racist supporters. "Have a banana, you monkey." Disgusting.

So why is it one of my favorite parts of this book?

Because it's Pratchett not shying away from the repugnant shit in football. Because the activities of people like Mrs. Atkinson are real, and people like her are still in the stands and need to be held accountable. But mostly it's the agnowledgement that a banana thrown on the pitch is inherently toxic, every time.

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Holy shit! 20 some odd years ago, JMS used the Vorlons to ask a deceptively simple question: who are you? As answers go, that one was worth the wait.

Also, have to agree with our host about the last several minutes. That was exceptional.

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There are two things from this section that have stuck with me since I first watched it. One is Lito's mom, aka the best mom. The other is Felix and the line "Talk me out of it!" Because of course.

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I watched this episode/special back when it was first released, but for whatever reason I never watched anything afterward. I'm looking forward to catching up alongside Mark.


This is going to break us both, isn't it?

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Finally, a Dalek!

As much hate this season has gotten, most of it undeserved if we're honest, there have been one or two sticking points. First, as has been mentioned, with three companions there tends to be an odd man out. Worst case senario, you end up with Adric. Hopefully they'll do more with Yaz next year to move away from that. The second sticking point for me was dealt with here.

While I enjoyed this run of episodes almost as much as Mark, and in fact I consider Arachnids in the UK, Demons of the Punjab, and It Takes You Away to be top tier classic stories, well... If I had to sit throug one more episode where the conflict could be summed up as "it's humans who are the REAL monsters!" I was going to scream. Thank god for the Daleks!

So yeah, solid final episode, and I can't wait for next year.


Mostly solid episode, at least. I mean, was that joke about UNIT being defunded a dig at Brexit? Trump? What the shit, man?

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This review just had to go up on Amazon Prime day, didn't it?

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As much as I love Vetenari's anecdote about evil, as perfect as it is, it always makes me a little sad. Especially in the past four years. This was the first Discworld book to be published after PTerry publicly announced his Alzheimer's diagnosis. This bit, with an uncharacteristically introspective and morose Patrician... You get the sense that Sir Terry thought that he needed to get this out, get this phrasing, this philosophy onto the printed page now, right now. Because soon it would be beyond his ability. Pbafvqrevat gur dhnyvgl bs obgu Fahss naq Envfvat Fgrnz, V'z nsenvq ur zvtug unir orra evtug.

You ask me why I love this book? The football is a big part of why I like it, but THIS is why I love it.