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I haven't posted here for a while, mostly because of technical issues on my end. (Though I'll definitly find a way to get on when this ride finally ends...) But I had to comment on the two deeply charming elements related to this episode.

First is the fact that Javid Iqbal, the actor credited with playing Voq to this point, is the name of Shazad Latif's late father.

Second is Sarek having a goatee in the mirror universe, because of course he does.

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No question from me, just another voice joining the chorus of "Thank you, Mark." This is one of my favorite series of all time, and reading alongside you for the past six years has been an indescribable joy.

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I’d been meaning to watch this show for a while, but never got around to it. So thank you, Mark, for watching it now. And thank you for one hell of a final review.

This show was great. It’s like an infomercial for empathy. Especially in this episode, from pretty much everyone. From Farran being willing to call up Nadia for Alan, from Maxine being willing to walk her Sweet Birthday Baby down the stairs. From Horse finding Oatmeal. From the fact that Mike, the one character without empathy, is the one character who has his night ruined.

I have no idea where they’ll take this show in a second season, but I can’t wait to find out.

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“As I said in the last review, grief is one of the loneliest experiences imaginable. But the truth is that it’s a universal thing.”

It’s both, really. Like how light is a particle and a wave. That’s why all of us know and understand what your past few months have been like while simultaneously we don’t have the faintest idea...

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As I’ve said, I had put off this book. I didn’t want things to end. I didn’t want Terry to end. And while I didn’t read any spoilers in all this time... perhaps it was the way that folks didn’t say things, but I just knew. And so, I avoided reading this book. Because I wasn’t ready to lose Terry and Granny both. But I also knew that if I didn’t read it with all of you, I’d never read it at all.

Reading this chapter with Mark playing on my tv, being absolutely destroyed... to say it felt right would be cruel. But to hear and see the pain from Mark put my own emotions in perspective without diminishing them, or invalidating them.

So thank you, Mark. For being there to read with me, for sharing your agony, for being you. I hope you’re coping well with life, and I’m sorry that this hurt is there, and I hope I haven’t made a mess of things or worded this in a way that... anyway. The fact that you can read this, relate to it the way you do, and share this video with us speaks to your strength, so the least I can do is try to be as strong as you.

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As I’ve said previously, I haven’t yet been able to bring myself to read The Shepherd’s Crown. Because once I do, I’ll have read all the Discworld books, and then Pratchett, in my mental space, finishes dying. I usually read along with the videos when Mark posts them on Saturday night, but I haven’t done that for the next book.

If I don’t read it along with Mark and all the rest of you, I know I’ll never be able to do it. I’m going to read the first chapter tomorrow.

I’m not ready.

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Speaking to my point from last time, anyone willing to bet that the stern looking woman who speaks a dozen languages is Susan Sto Helit?

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Five years ago today... GNU Terry Pratchett

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I have thoughts on this book. Like Mark mentioned, this is more fast paced than most Discworld stories, and between the trains and the grags, it feels like PTerry is trying to tell two* stories at once. Something was off. Something didn’t feel the same as the prior stories. Something was different. It was in my first read through I felt this way. And it was when I got to this section that I fully understood what was happening, and I was hit with a wave of sadness.

You see, this section has that conversation between Ridcully and Lu-Tze that’s there just for it’s own sake. And Queen Keli shows up in person for the first time since Mort. And we have All Jolson present again, and Sacharissa Cripslock and William de Worde both have their moments...

It hit me like a sledgehammer, what was happening in this book. Terry Pratchett was still with us when it came out, but he knew. I could feel it. He knew he was dying. And that’s why this story feels different. It’s because he was spending it wrapping up loose threads, and saying goodbye to as many characters as possible.

I still haven’t been able to bring myself to read The Shepherds Crown...

*Or more

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I have a theory, but I’ll talk about it on Wednesday, because spoilers.