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Good question! For me,if we're talking Discworld then I'd go with Unseen Academicals,because fbppre. For PTerry in general,Good Omens is the one book I've reread the most in my life.

If we're going back to childhood, it would be Beverly Cleary's Ramona Quimby series, followed by Gordon Korman's MacDonald Hall series. In my teens it was, predictably, The Lord of The Rings. Also Asimov, though more the Black Widowers mysteries than the robot stuff.

Nowadays it's John D. MacDonald's Travis McGee series. I've reread Bright Orange For The Shroud and The Girl In The Plain Brown Wrapper more times than I can count.

Of course, this list doesn't contain the comic books I've read. There's not enough room for that list...

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I don't know about anyone else, but when I think of a "clown" kicking ass with a ladder, I think of Jackie Chan...

[youtube DrRFzwPE0d4 http://youtube.com/watch?v=DrRFzwPE0d4 youtube]

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The line that Mark quotes above about the value of gold vs. the value of labor is a riff on a line from the first Conan the Barbarian film: "What is steel compared to the hand that wields it?"

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I don't recall who, it may have been JMS his own bad self, but someone once described B5 as a show where you can watch the first few episodes and think that the most noble character on the show is little more than a mustache twirling villain, and the tragic, Lord Byron-esque antihero is the drunken comic relief. And that's why I love it...

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Because it is impossible to watch this scene too many times...

[youtube N_oQkSh2lq8 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N_oQkSh2lq8 youtube]

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Me watching this episode for the first time: Oh lord, all those Psi Corps signs have the same font as the village signs in The Prisoner. Oh lord, this is a creepy, creepy episode, oh lord...

Me on my most recent watch: It's Reggie Lee! And he is a child!

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Dibbler's barrow, or wheelbarrow for us yanks, is, much like the dog and top hat, a player piece in Monopoly.

That was way too many commas, but...

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This is not exactly the best episode of B5. It's not even close to being the best episode of this season. Hell, it isn't the best episode of the five Mark has posted reviews for in this season.

Why, then, do I love it so?

Because I like what it says about fear. The variety of fear, the power of fear, the need to take power back FROM your fear. How big fears can paralyze us, and how small fears can stop us from saying "So, the new station commander? Funny story..." How fear of changing tradition and training can keep us from seeing the potential in a situation, (honestly, the little bit about how to best use the pak'ma'ra in the Rangers may be my favorite moment.) And then there's how the fear of turning your back on duty, honor, and loyalty, ideals that you've invested all of yourself into, can make you turn a blind eye to some repugnant shit.

There's stuff here that doesn't work. Clearly. But on it's own, the way this episode deals with all the variations of fear makes it a favorite in my book.

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Babylon Five: Astro City?

I regret that I can only like this comment once.

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While there are some things here that work, and even more that doesn't, I can't help but be constantly distracted whenever I watch this episode. You see, when I was in the Boy Scouts, one of the people in my troop was a fellow by the name of, I shit you not, Bo Mack.

Thus, I spend almost all of the non-Londo and G'Kar scenes thinking back on old camping trips and whatnot. Oh, well...