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"... those with Asperger’s syndrome tend to process one thing in their life so deeply that they become an expert at that one thing. A child may become interested in zip codes and be able to cite any zip code in the United States when asked. Another child may be fascinated with vacuums and be able to intricately describe the workings of each brand of vacuum. For Clay Marzo, surfing is his deep fascination."


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A reader emailed me with this shark statistic:

"Each year, for every person bitten by a shark, 10 people are bitten by a New Yorker."

Somehow, it seems plausible.

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I've received a couple of emails about jelly fish and vodka lately. One person said they think the jelly fish somehow got in their blood vessels... idk about all that, but here's a detailed email about another person's experience with pouring vodka on a jelly fish sting:

"Hey, I accidentally stumbled upon your page while looking for jellyfish stings information. I just wanted to let you know I just recently got stung by a jellyfish while in Cocoa Beach, Florida, for my vacation, and my friends bought me some vodka and soaked my foot in it. It actually helped out a lot, and in less than an hour the swelling was gone, it didn't hurt and didn't even itch anymore.

"Now, the reason why I was even looking for jellyfish stings info in the first place is that, several days later after my sting, it's swelling up and itching again, so I don't know the effects of vodka in the long run. Are stings even supposed to bother you so long after you got them? Hm.

"In any case, there's my experience. =)"

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The end of this should say The Beginning.

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You're also more likely to be kicked to death by a donkey than get eaten by a shark. What surfer owns a donkey?

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Probably ... what else are you gonna do though?

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Adam Durrant does a nice sushi roll too, but Julian Wilson did it first and that\'s whose in these pics.