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CR, you may have noticed that Emily is like Humpty Dumpty. When she uses a word, it means what she says it means; she pays it extra.

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Just exercising my hyperbole muscle.

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Not just history's, but in the entire existence of the universe.

Goodbye, cruel comment board. . . .

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Now we're going need to learn a completely new set of identities to ignore or anticipate among the comments.

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These comments ignore the similar appeals made to families and immigrant groups by the Liberals and the New Democrats. I doubt they had any effect on the electorate's choices.

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Is Wicca not a religion?

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What are the odds she will be a worse MP than Rahim Jaffer was? I put them at 50/50. And he was re-elected several times.

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Our CPC and LPC at their best.

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It's difficult to determine what the purpose of the new Pakistani security measures in Abbottabad is. Are they trying to give the impression that they are in charge, and what happened was planned? Are there other Al-Qaeda leaders still in the area who need to be protected? Do they expect terrorist reprisals against the neighbourhood for somehow failing to protect Osama? Or is it a classic case of closing the barn door after the horse has been assassinated?

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This change faces the same seemingly insurmountable problem as the other suggested changes. Those who have power to change things got that power from the way things are. There's nothing for them to gain.

The Reform Party started out with high ideals for MPs' personal power and accountability, and has morphed through time into the current, tightly and centrally controlled and secretive, CPC. Perhaps this is the only way a parliamentary system can function in a diverse country. I hope not.