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The highlights will be Elias and HBK maybe super kicking someone.

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Heel turn but he didn't cash in with The Shield destroyed. Stupid on so many levels.

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A potential heel Shield reunion? Okay, I'm intrigued. Unless, the WWE writers somehow think Braun getting destroyed was a heel turn for Strowman.

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So, I'm guessing Kevin Owens screws over Braun. That keeps the title on Vince's boy and puts the heat on Owens instead.

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I miss the days when WWE didnt spoil returning superstars.

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The problem is, as much as I want to root for Rousey, the mma girls will look terrible in the ring. Unless the real horsewomen can pull a good match out of them, this feud will be an embarrassment.

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Or, you can just be like me and think Dave's comments were woefully stupid and also think that WWE has sexualized their "Divas," for years in the past as well. Now that the stupidity has been pointed out, let's learn from it and move on.

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The point of your column is that all these bad things will happen if Roman turns heel, but the truth is all these things are going to happen anyway whether Roman is heel or not. That's why having Roman defeat Lesnar was stupid from the get go, but WWE once again booked themselves into a no-win scenario. Face or heel, we're going to see a repeat of feuds we've already seen. The wrestling fan in me dies a little more with the thought of Lesnar and Roman facing each other again at Wrestlemania although that could be a real possibility whether Roman is face or heel.

At least with a heel turn, Roman has a slight chance of being entertaining, bring out some personality and do something a little different. I'm not saying he's going to be a great heel, because I don't know, but I know he's a terrible face now and some sort of change is needed. Regardless, the thought is pointless because Roman isn't turning. That would be shocking but WWE loves the status quo instead.

On a side note: I like the idea of Roman destroying Finn to generate heat, but what's up with the Balor-hate from the columnists on here?

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No one thinks that, ffs. If you're entertaining, fans will like you no matter where you came from.

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"This is my yard now..."