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Haha, Santorum does happen to be a liar and a sexist, but for totally different reasons.

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I wish witchcraft was real. Then I could make O'Donnell, Sarah Palin, and the entire Fox News network disappear forever.

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Why should he remember the Judicial Branch? It's not like he's on the Senate Judiciary Committee or anything... oh wait, yes, he is.

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Clearly he was deeply offended that the sheriff besmirched the name of his beloved home, Arizona, er... I mean, Utah. Wait, why the f*ck does he care again?

If you're going to recall an AZ sheriff, recall Arpaio. Don't recall Dupnik, who I hear actually does his job.

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She's just repeating what she read in the new textbooks approved by the Texas Board of Ed.

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This might be the only thing worse than having Lieberman as senator.

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Haha, yes, there is no better way to honor Giffords than to repeal the health care legislation that she voted for.

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Yeah, I'm hoping it will work this time too.

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If anyone is in Tucson this week and wants to stop these monsters from picketing the funerals of the shooting victims, people are organizing to form a human barricade to keep the WBC protestors away from the funerals. More info about the event here:

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I worked in her office last year. I only met her a few times, but she she was always really genuine and kind. I hope she pulls through.