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"I was going to run for President, but then I got high, then I got high" (High on being a media whore and grabbing cash)

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Honking your horn=freedom of speech!

If you can be an asshole at an abortion clinic right in someone's face, you can honk your fucking horn at 1 AM.

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Lyrics make no mention of a wife.
Shooting your ol' lady for messing around is great family values.

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"If more “Americans” are watching soccer today, it’s only because of the demographic switch effected by Teddy Kennedy’s 1965 immigration law."

No, Like AZ Superintendent of Public Instruction (and master troll himself) Huppenthal said, White men just not knocking enough White women, thus them soccer lovin socialist mesicans are out-breeding us.

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Lamest post-lame orgy chat eavesdropping ever.

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sing it, "Indiana Wants Me"

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Brain surgeon... or maybe it was fry cook.

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How do people like this even graduate from law school, let alone pass the fuckng bar exam??

Do they over-celebrate such accomplishments, fall and hit their heads, leaving them with amnesia that effects only those portions of the brain that serves as a repository of all they learned in law school?

We need a study! or at least start making all those in law school start wearing bicycle helmets. Seriously, this is an epidemic!

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The Trail of Tears must have been all about tears of joy an the Cherokee abandoned that wasteland of Georgia and that wicked gold and headed to greener pastures of Oklahoma

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hell, my wife is Navajo and I don't even speak it.

It does allow her and her sisters to continue talking about me when I walk into the room.