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Sorry, but I could not disagree with you more.

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Uhm, quick question: What $200 price tag? Kinect is $150.

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I really like YouVersion as well, but I find I use the free version of the ESV on the Amazon App on Android.

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Thank you. We intend to for as long as it is still fun, and right now, it is still fun.

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Hey, thank you for the comments. Looks like I meat need to try some of the Online for Bulletstorm.

As far as the length of the campaign, I actually had mentioned I thought it was a little too long. There were a couple of times in the game I was thinking it was about to end, just to have another section added that did not make a lot of sense to me. I think this game could have actually done with a little less, not a little more.

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Thank you for the comments. Trust me; I was in no way trying to compare my addiction to those of someone struggling with alcohol or drugs. I do still believe people can be addicted to gaming, however, and it can have a negative impact on their lives, hence the article.

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I try not to play bad games, but the one that probably disappointed me the most was Fable 3. I had high expectations, and it did not come close.

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I can completely relate to what you are saying here with one exception: I had good management in both stores.

There is a reason I wrote these articles and I pretty much refuse to deal with GameStop. Fortunately I have choices where I live.

Here's hoping you can find a better job soon.

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You know, I am starting to wonder if the glitches are not a sign of Obsidian trying to push the engine further than it was every intended to go. You talk about all the features the developer added which were not there, and it is starting to make me consider the fact this may not just be laziness on their part.

Then again, Alpha Protocol was glitchy as well.

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Sorry to disagree, man, but the biggest news this week is Starcraft II.