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When is a Tea Party protest not a Tea Party protest?

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Our Texas House of Reps, our Texas Senate, and our Texas Governor are more interested in protecting people in Mexico from guns entering Mexico from Texas then illegal immigrants entering Texas from Mexico.
So if the Governor of Texas cannot protect the Texas border from illegal immigrants because he has no authority then what gives him the authority to protect Mexican border from illegal guns?

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This has been going on for years and our wonderful elected TEXAS politicians do nothing about it. I do not care about the Federal Government’s opinion on this issue, these people, citizens or not, do not live in Texas and they do not pay any taxes for these Texas schools so why are they allowed to attend a Texas school?

It is not their fault they are taking advantage of us, we are the stupid ones for allowing them to suck our tax money. I could not take my son to a different school within my own district, never mind to a school in a foreign country for free. This is not a Democrat or Republican thing, both parties are sticking it to us.

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As a fellow Texan I wonder why our Great State CEO Rick Perry has not protected the citizens of Texas and restricted travel over the TEXAS border, he has the right to do it, the authority to do it, and the ability to do it.
Was it not Rick Perry who was all over the media recently whining about states rights, and telling the Federal Government to leave Texas alone?? Yep, he is full of cow chips.

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“GRASSROOTS” ? Do they really believe the American public is that stupid?

The web site is hosted on a FEDERAL DOMAIN most likely using a FEDERAL SERVER!!! Is this an example of how arrogant our elected representatives are??? Is using a Federal Web site and most likely a Federal server legal? Shouldn’t this be on a Republican web site using a server paid for by the Republicans??

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So the Republicans meet at a pizza place, Italian.
The President and Mr. HairPlugs go out on a lunch date for hamburgers.
So what was the message? Obama and Mr. HairPlugs are more American?
Or that they support same sex marriage?

And Obama paid cash? Using bailout money??

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Nothing stands in our way, except our own desire and determination to do the work. You are a member of theBIGLOBBY, the most powerful force on earth.

You think I am wrong? Do not believe me? Then look at ACORN, they are simply a community based lobby group made up of individuals just like you and me. Learn from their example and work your community. You cannot take down the elephant with one big bite, it takes millions of small ones to com[plete the job. Have patience, be focused, knock on your neighbors door, and organize.

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Unless we wake up real soon and work real hard I do not believe a big change can be produced by 2010, it would be great but I just do not see it happening. The first part of the problem IS the current Republican party leadership, it has to be changed. And that has to start way down at the roots at the precinct level.

You cannot repair our nation unless you first repair your community, your county, your state, and then our nation. Building a home on top of a broken foundation will result in failure. Pick a party, Democrat or Republican, and take it over. They already have the structure in place, so why invent the wheel? First you must STOP donating to the party and dry them out. The Republican Party is playing up this Obama/Democrat crap for more donations and to fill their "warchest". What a load of crap, what war are they really fighting? Certainly not with the Democrats. Ignore the good cop/bad cop crap they have used for decades to scare people, it is time to scare the hell out of the politicians. They are OUR employees, show them the door!

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winecup, the problem is too many people have suddenly realized the course we are on and want a quick solution. The problem is we have been on this course since the Republicans lost control of Congress, and remember the Democrats had that control for decades and it took the Republicans about 4 years to lose it. Why? Because the Democrats out smart them, out sell them, and out promote them. Then Democrats protect their "label" while the Republicans crap all over their's. The solution will take time, the 2010 election is too soon and I do not believe we can correct our course by then.

If you, or anyone else, needs help in spreading information about your group I will be happy to post it on my web site. If we all take a small part of the puzzle and work together we can make a beautiful picture that will knock the politicians out of the ballpark and we take our rightfull control.

You can email me directly at AL@ALZOLLI.COM

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A third party is a dream, it is like building the wall to stop illegal immigrants, it is nothing but a delay tactic that will result in nothing but wasted time. No the best route that will get our country back is to take over the Republican Party, the structure is already in place regarding administration, organization, and fund raising. Start at the precinct level and take it over, can it be done in less then two years? Do not know, but it has taken much longer then that to get us into this situation. The 2010 election may not be enough time, but we have to start somewhere.