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Remember: Had the fandom not existed, Friendship is Magic would've ended after season 3 and only Equestria Girls would be around today. There were official releases in 2012 by Hasbro showing a planned EQG series. But then everything had to change so that Hasbro didn't totally alienate the huge fandom it now had by bringing on a spin-off inferior to the original show in nearly every way imaginable.

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What a coincidence! Jayson Theissen, the director of FiM who is also a huge "Weird Al" fan and spearheaded getting Al on the show last year, is also directing the FiM movie. What a coincidence...

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Because this likely got the final "OK" before Season 6 was okayed.
Meaning, Friendship is Magic may be the first TV show to have 3 series finales. Four if the movie turns out to be a finale.

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I think they mean she did characters she hasn't done before in her MLP Voices videos.

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Because in order to work in Vancouver or Los Angeles, you kind of need to be a citizen of the respective country.
And Eileen is a citizen of England.

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I'm on this site because of the show. I care about the show because of the woman that put her soul into every piece of this show and that soul shows itself as each episode goes by through the characters and world she created.
If this show was developed by any other person, this site would not exist and we wouldn't be communicating to each other right now.

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Or it would look like My Little Pony pre-2010.

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TL; DR: Hasbro is a cheap bastard and puts no effort into the media it produces and should stick to doing TV ads since that’s where its mind seems to be and the kind of money it wants to spend.

The Jem and The Holograms movie has been pulled from its over 2,000 theater release after just 2 weeks. It had a budget of $5 million and made a little over $2 million.
This is a case study of Hasbro not caring about the quality of the things it produces today. It wants everything done in the cheapest way possible and, unsurprisingly, it seems to put even less money and effort into things aimed at girls. That’s why I’m concerned about the Friendship is Magic movie. I don’t know what Hasbro may demand be put in the movie.
That’s another thing I don’t like about Hasbro: It demands things be added to the show without any consideration of the addition not making any sense within the show’s world (i.e. making Twilight a princess half way through the show’s run). And I feel you getting ready to type, "It’s because toys!" I am fully aware of that. And that’s why all of Hasbro’s media in the 2010s sucks. Hasbro has always been a toy company. But when it comes to media, it behaves like an old man trying to find out what his kids enjoy by only watching what they do and never think to ask the kids why they like what they like.
Maybe instead of shredding suggestions, it should take the ideas of those suggestions and make something new based on them?

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The first image on the cover looks great. It looks like it's from the movies and everyone looks okay.
Then I saw the second image and I think if I looked at Human Applejack's face long enough I would vomit. Why put the movie visuals and promotional visuals next to each other? The promotional visuals have always looked like gaudy poop and this cover makes them stick out more.

Just looking at the cover, there was clearly no effort put into this book and I'm going to go out on a limb and guess that the "Tell-All" is going to be as bland and uninspired as the first Equestria Girls movie because it looks like that's where the book is set in. I wouldn't take anything that book says as canon because I doubt anyone who works on Equestria Girls is aware this book was made.

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This is why The Hub will always be better than Disc Fam: They got it. They had fun running the network and all the amazing promos they made show that. I still can't believe that Dos Equis parody. Discovery is all business and no fun with their promos.

And I think the reason that brony promo never aired is because a certain toy company refuses to acknowledge bronies exist. It's like they think admitting the fandom exists will make them less of a company or something.