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Adam Swedenburg
Lawton Oklahoma BABY!!! :)

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I Love it J! Gonna try it myself.

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NEVER GIVE UP on what is right!

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I told God the same thing regarding ministry and the military. I have one day left, of a third - 15 month deployment. Once again, my wife has been the mother and father of our 4 daughters for a long period of time. Have my girl’s relationship with God, or me, suffered at this expense? No. Matter fact, its grown leaps and bounds. God not only restores our time apart, but I have a wonderful Woman of God for a wife, who is graced to lead and accomplish what she does in our children.
Do people become consumed by the greed of works and pride? Sure, in every arena. But from my own experience, if the husband and wife carry the same vision, write it down and make it plain, they will be successful.
Sometimes we need to pull back. Were good at confessing blessings and elaborating on our extreme visions for our ministries, but we often leave behind what matters most, our family. Family time, father-daughter time, spouse-time - all are just as important as church-time. You can't have one without the other.

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About 12 years ago, my wife turned up the thermometers in our fish tank. Unaware that each click represented 10 degrees, she turned each of them to 10. The next morning, all the exotic fish were floating belly up.
I've always wondered at what point in the night, the fish began calling out to her. Doing everything they knew to get her attention, quietly at first, then escalating in volume as the temperature continued to rise.
They only needed a moment for her to notice their pain. Unfortunately, the only moments we gave the fish, were during feeding times, once a day, if that. To bad they weren’t important enough in our lives to keep an ear to all day long.
People die daily with unfulfilled dreams and aspirations. Why? All because the only time we want to hear God, is during our feeding times. You’re absolutely right. God is endlessly talking to us. We just need to learn to listen 24-7. If my wife and I did that with the fish, they would be alive today. If others did it with God . . . well, you get my point.
Thanks for this post. Really made me think. God Bless you guys!