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I agree with you however it is not clear whether the talk is only for Muslims (since it is held in conjunction with the Prophet's birthday it tends to give that impression).

If the talk is only for Muslims therein lies the problem. The UiTM episode has set a precedent as to where such talks ultimately lead - demonisation and complete misrepresentation of the non-Islamic religion

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What else to expect from the World's top most terrorist State.

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Yup, Perkasa just organised a bible burning event, that is all. No big deal right? Some years earlier the stomped on some cow head in Shah Alam.

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Once charged, the onus is on Paulsen to prove his allegation in court (or conversely disprove the charge) but before a charge is made, PDRM has to investigate and send its papers to the AGC to review and decide on whether a charge can be made looking at the purported crime.

Paulsen has been arrested to facilitate investigations under the Sedition Act. Paulsen criticised Jakim. S. 3(2) of the Sedition Act states it is NOT a crime to point out errors or mistakes of the Government.

IGP Khalid is legally trained I believe. But it appears he has been quite 'political' in this entire episode - retweeting pictures from UMNO websites, sending 20 officers to apprehend Paulsen who is not a criminal, tweeting endlessly about the entire episode and really getting into it after the DPM made a comment.

One hopes the AGC decides not to prosecute looking at how ridiculous the charge is in the first place.

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The Sedition Act provides for valid criticism of the Government. S. 3(2) states it is not seditious to point out errors or mistakes of the Government.

That was what Paulsen did vis-a-vis Jakim. Jakim should have engaged Paulsen. But typical of Malaysia, the man was condemned and hauled up in 24 hours by 20 policemen as if he just committed a string of murders

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You have given quite a good perspective of the different points of view that would arise in situations like these.

However to answer your opening paragraph:

(1) The victims of the Vatican/Priests' sexual perversions are typically from the same faith. It so happened that a few Catholic diocese have been guilty of these over the years but none of them committed these crimes in the name of Catholicism.

(2) Israel also has Muslim citizens of Arab descent who evidently are happy living there than in Palestine. Israel's 'atrocities' vis-a-vis land are done in the name of Israel, not Judaism. But Zionism does get its fair share of criticism in this regard.

In the case of Muslims, the victims are usually non-Muslims and the violence is almost always carried out 'to avenge Islam or Muslims'. However ISIS or IS has brought about a new paradigm shift wherein a good number of the victims are Muslims of denominations other than Sunni Wahhabism. Yet, no Muslim organisation of repute has condemned these IS fellows for making infidels of other Muslims.

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It can be shown that Putrajaya, through its actions, brought about the riot hence, case would be thrown out.

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A good number of people did feel that 2014 was a 'wretched, horrendous year with little to cheer about'. In fact I myself wished my friends have a 'blessed 2015' because we need more blessings than happiness though the former consequently leads to the latter.

Anyway, TMI reports the news. The commentators post their comments. If UMNO, Perkasa or ISMA feel maligned by the comments which are from the public, they should then stop being more idiotic than the average man.

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There are some Public Mutual funds that have done badly too, especially the China funds, but the point here is honesty and transparency are important attributes for any fund house - both sorely lacking in 1MDB.

Bridge Partners of HK manages 1MDB's Cayman funds. This link from Malay Mail is interesting:

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Perkasa is going after Zahid because the 'support letter' is for Paul Phua. If it was for some Puad or Pharolrozi then semuanya ok!