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you've got to love the media and how they distort things and get people to believe the twisted truth

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Socialist? It does look like that from the outside to the untrained eye. If you take adults, police officers, counselors and etc and have them rehabilitate a kid nothing will work. But if you take a kid and get him to do it he can speak to them at their level, the troubled kids are not threatened or uncomfortable. This organization is doing a great job of “pay it forward”

Volunteer's work but most are doing it for resume fluff. Many times a hired hand can be just as bad at a volunteer. It’s all about whose there for the right reasons and in a society where so many are not, it’s hard to come across people who truly are involved for the better.

Sunnyside's Promise does have some passionate people who are interested in making a difference. They may do things people don't agree with, but with 1000’s of other centers like this across the country this one is doing more for its community than most. Its also recognized nationally as doing more than most and serving more kids than others. They are also “trying” and “doing” something that Central Washington has lacked for the 35+ years I could have taken advantage of something like this.

Don, have you ever been down here and spend any decent about of time with a student? Most likely not, even though you suggested you would ‘in an instant’ followed by an excuse of why not to do it. Maybe if you went to a board meeting you could gain some insight. Your theory on this organization is so far from true. I was in your shoes once, negative, grumpy, and just didn’t understand what an act of selfless could do till I experienced it for myself.

My favorite old Chinese proverb is:
“If you give a man a fish you feed him for a day, if you teach a man to fish you feed him for a life time”

This organization is not about having someone staff a building and man a door from 8-5, It’s about giving kids opportunity and hope. Giving them something no one else wants to or is willing to do. How many people out there are willing to spend the weekend helping students with resumes and job interviews? How many people are willing to work with the police and schools when they see a student making wrong decisions. This group isn’t the normal deal of burying their head in the sand they are willing to do what no one else has ever wanted to do. Help, try and succeed.

I understand your frustration with “doing it all” but what have you been passionate about? I’m sure you were in the same boat with wanting more and more and to do it the very best you could. But did you succeed? This organization is.

Think of it like this, someone is out there working to make your community safe at the level of the student, not a paper pusher dictating to other adults. Would your city be better off without this? What funeral plot would your neighbor kid be at if he didn’t have something like this? What building would be tagged because there is nothing else for students to do? Generally its mine in Yakima.

We live in a society of failed parenting skills and irresponsible people, someone has to take the initiative and get people back on track and into the right direction so they will know how to raise their kids and family. If people are born into a society based on welfare they socialize with this group as well. They never know anything different. What would it be like for a student who has nothing coming from a broken home to come across someone who actually cares what they have to say and who actually wants to listen to them? The student will see they are not this looser or piece of garbage but someone actually sees the potential in this kid. Everyone has potential, but so few are willing to bring it up to the surface so they can lead and help others.

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What’s interesting about Sunnyside's Promise is when you actually go down and talk to the kids. Seeing some 6 months ago to today they bring in a whole new attitude on life. Sunnyside's Promise gives the kids a different outlook on life something they wouldn’t see any other way. This alone will make a kid question his current path or a better one he’s taking a liking to. Most kids who take a turn for the better also recruit others to do the same and can explain first hand why it’s the thing to do. Police officers, adults, counselors can all preach to a student but when it’s one of their own it seems to come across stronger and make the point in a way they can actually understand.

The main asset that causes this organization to be successful if its dedicated staff of selfless people. Coming from a community service background over the past two-decades the staff working for this community within this organization is a rarity today. You can’t go replace this or find this. Its people with a passion for the opportunity to help others, not a passion for the pay.