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Most worringly, when the US leads, the UK usually follows.

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We have just been treated to the BNP's party political broadcast for the upcoming Mayoral elections in the London area. If I was a floating voter looking for a home I can honestly say that I would look elsewhere after watching it.

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Failed :(

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Looks like a good read. Just downloaded it on Kindle for £2.63. Thanks.

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I see the Telegraph offers no opportunity to comment on his highly provocative and indeed offensive ramblings.

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I suppose the go getting Nigerian entrepreneurs will have to become even more inventive with their scam email endeavours in order to pay for their fuel.

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Uncle Joe was probably referring to the huge number of Russian soldiers and peasants he sent up against the German Panzers and MG42'S armed only with pitchforks and spades during the early years of WW2.

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An observation. Seems that when WHITES talk about BLACKS there is a huge GREY area that is open to abuse by those that profit from creating discord.

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How about having a loony e-mail of the day feature? Pick the best rant from the previous day and post it for all to see.

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Only one Asian working on a till in Marks & Sparks? Try my local Asda... 26 tills in a row manned by brown faces. Then theres the shop floor staff , all varying shades of brown. The Halal butchery? Yep you guessed it,
- well tanned throat slashers. The customers - every hue of brown... apart from me, the missus and a few hardy others.