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It's both a regional and a generational thing - everybody I knew from Maine to Rhode Island who was over a certain age called it "tonic". Guess now according to the map that part of the Northeast is leaning towards "Soda" - Either that or the pollsters were afraid of getting rolled going into Southie, Lynn, or Atwell Avenue.

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By my account FEMA has just pulled about $ 62.6 million back off the table from Cedar Rapids in the last few weeks. ($ 35 million in alternate project funds - Sinclair, Quality Chef, 5 - 1 etc, about $ 27 million less on a new library, and $ 600,000 penalty for demolishing the "historic" 1st St parking ramp). Follow the story regarding Charity Hospital in New Orleans and the appeals process that took nearly five years that went all the way to DC. The additional $ 350 million FEMA must now come up with to build a new hospital in the Crescent City had to come from somewhere. The Senior Career Executives have been given their direction, the local office is just following orders.

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London based insurance would be good - I have heard they can work wonders when the local markets get locked up. A'VIVA Commandate Jeffrey; A'VIVA Los Doer; And as Elvis sang, "A'VIVA Las Vegas - It turns day into nighttime, and night into daytime, if you see it once- you'll never be the same again. A"VIVA Las Vegas".

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Personally much like Tiger should with his swing, I hope he gets it adjusted and feels comfortable with it. Tiger is too much in his head; sometimes you just have to "grip it and rip it". Whatever it takes, Tiger needs to get that incentive to get off the course quickly and get back into the clubhouse and what awaits him when he is done. I think that's in the Torah as well.

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Ask the question which City Council member personally oversaw the bid process, including the writing of the bid specifications.

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They should investigate which bank floated a $ 1 million dollar loan to the Recreation Association. That now bad loan, combined with a number of home loans on vacation properties whose values have just been cut in half (or worse) would lead a Bank Examiner to ask some questions. Like for starters, are you going to be able to stay solvent or do we need to step in, shut the doors, and sell off your remaining assets to avoid having a claim before the FDIC on behalf of your depositers.

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Concrete portion of dam - privately owned true; county road - hard surfaced two lane - public highway; causeway underneath that connected said concrete dam to either shore - not so clear, think you will hear more on this in future. Recreation Assoc. has employee (and liability) to open and close gates, no spillway. Former Interstate Power hydro-electric generation site, pulled plug in early 1970's, not "cost-effective", about same time Duane Arnold nuclear plant came on line.

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"As long as I am the Governor, my goal is to try and save the lake" - Chester Culver

Take that to the bank Lake Delhi homeowners and Recreation Association; by my count you have about 160 days to cash in on that promise (give or take a few 24 hrs).

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"If towns downstream are devastated by the flood"; I think it was in 2004 they (the Association) was very close to being sued in a class action suit by land and home owners downstream for having the gates opened too wide, too quick and flash flooding the downstream folks. I know there are people in Monticello who hold a grudge to this day (might also be a bit of class envy) - the events of this weekend will not help matters.

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There is a utility and phone junction connection that serves that area, just outside of Coggon off of Highway 13; It's going under water from the Buffalo. Iowa Telecom (the phone service provider) to the area had crews out at 5:30 this afternoon trying to re-lay and splice their lines around the submerged area.