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Love this episode (and many, MANY more this season)

but - still can't quite figure out how the Dead Kennedys' 'Too Drunk To Fuck' was playing in the car. It's a fun couple of seconds, to be sure, but it seems out of character for Angel to have it in the car, and it's unlikely there are a lot of punk LA radio stations (am I wrong? were there?) playing classic hits of yesteryear right at that time and are we supposed to believe that Spike would have taken time of his busy schedule to shoplift a copy from a local record store? Just a moment that always takes me out of the moment and has me going "huh."

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That's it!

See, now - doesn't the world seem like a better place?

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Yikes! Wow; right you are - that was a real "my brain stopped working" moment, huh?

I'm just glad I wasn't in a high-stakes Buffy/Angel strip-trivia game when I made that kind of error.

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I'm not sure why the Angel/Angelus "fight with your alterego" scene was pushing it any more than Angel's fantasy Indiana Jones perfect happiness day was.

He himself believes that his two personalities are distinct and separate. It doesn't actually have to be true for it to work in his mind. Do you really think that the Orpheus drug would reveal some objective truth rather than just have his mind play with whatever he already believed?

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It's been shown pretty clearly last season that drinking human blood is addictive and tends to lead Angel to be more evil than he needs to be. (Though it does make it problematic that we saw packaged blood from the blood bank in his fridge back in the first season of 'Buffy')

I don't think that Angel drinking the dead guy's blood was bad for the dead guy, but for Angel himself. I believe they're going for more of an alcoholic metaphor here.

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They were already quite publicly engaged at this point. And would get married the following year.

And points off for misspelling 'Alyson'! How can someone (presumably not evil) do that? Makes me wanna cry, it do. :(

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Still very confused as to how, exactly, Drusilla and Spike were able to get into Anne's house without an invitation. So much care for all the character exposition, but completely forgetting basic vampire rules? Quite odd.

I mean; how hard would it have been to just show Anne inviting them in? She didn't know he was dead yet.

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Personally, I've always found both shows to be VERY consistent - the characters (particularly the ones who buy into whatever the Watcher's Council is selling) claim that the animating demon takes over the dead body and isn't just the same person sans soul BUT what they've SHOWN us is always the exact opposite. Every vampire acts EXACTLY the same as they did when the were human. (If you were a demon, would you act like Harmony if you weren't really her?)

That Angel would try and come up with a loophole when he was cursed with a soul (we saw how emotionally tortured he was back then) seems in character to me. That the slayers would just believe whatever they're told to make them less morally conflicted while they're killing the undead seems reasonable as well.

In any situation regarding souls on either show, I ask myself - who you gonna believe? These characters who have a known agenda or your own lyin' eyes?

I also find it very easy to believe that the writers intentionally had fun with this interpretational ambiguity - say one thing and then show the exact opposite, over and over again, without fail. 'Cause it's just more fun that way.

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Plus, Buffy knows that the harbingers are out to kill the potentials. Whether she likes it or not, they ARE going to have to defend themselves. And also learn how to work together without her there.

But - how is this guy "leftovers"????? They surely weren't going to keep feeding off him AFTER siring him, were they? I don't think Buffy (or possibly the writers?) actually knows what words mean.

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And yet the only thing is this episode that really bothers me is the idea that Dawn would somehow know that the teacher left the gas jets turned on. That's got to be some kind of major safety hazard, no?