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I already have them stuffed into my plastic grocery bags!

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See the right-column headline in USA Today?? This is why BHO has $270M in his warchest already!

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Gee... I thought "Idiocracy" was a documentary! :)

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Much worse than the nannies are their enablers....

I was channel surfing one afternoon, and on one daytime tv talk show, the hens there were cackling about something as obviously dangerous as sticking one's finger into a powered-up light socket.

"Someone should write a law so I don't do that", someone said, and just when I thought things could not get any worse, they trotted out some old codger legislator who did just that

God help us!

Edit/add: The above quote is an EXACT quote!

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Sick: This *is* a foreign policy blunder. Its net result is being claimed by Obama as him "keeping a campaign promise".

Sicker: There are people out there who will believe him.

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The eco-fascists here in California are also going after our grocery bags -- not just an outright ban on the plastic variety, but a *mandatory* 25-to-50 cent charge per, for using paper ones.

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There was a strange odor in the air over the Bay Area today... I thought it was North Bay ranchers out spreading manure over their pastures... should have figured it was REAL B.S.!

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I'm opening a chain of topless bars, w/poker parlors, that will cook up the finest BBQ'd hog parts in the land! On Sundays, I'll close the cardrooms, give the ladies a day off, and will focus on the "Three B's": BBQ, beer, and Bibles!

Need investors... Sharia-complient need not apply!

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Cain's an outsider.. we need an outsider to come in and clean things up. 'Nuff said?

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Can you say "Special Prosecutor"?