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A great bunch of fans in St. Cloud for last night's game. It was nice to see Matt Frattin get that goal late in the third. That one point was enough for the Sioux to take home the Challenge Cup!

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Good point about the B2 webcast. Easily a C- for production ability. Unbelievable amounts of missing action, rewinding replays, and just plain leaving the camera unattended while the play moved to the other end of the ice. Perhaps D+ is a better grade, however...that being said, I am still grateful to be able to watch what was broadcast of the game.

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Nice to see Jesse improving, and I certainly hope that trend keeps going. Best to the Martin family this Christmas and in the New Year.

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I think Frattin's actions lately have earned him a "scratch", meaning that I think he should be considered on even par with every other skater for this year's hobey, no matter what happened to him in the fall of 2009. But hey...that's me. The Hobey elite (who ever makes the decision) may feel entirely differently, and that is their gig...they are entitled to that. I think what is truly important is what Matt Frattin is doing. That he is going all out and playing his heart out, working his butt off, and having the best senior year he possibly can. And, who knows? Maybe, just maybe, he'll step out of the fog in April leading the nation and make those elite think about it on a very serious level.

Control the things you can, Matt Frattin. I, for one, am really enjoying watching you play this season, and I applaud and thank you for your efforts.

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That shootout vid is crude but a great piece of hockey footage. Amazing back and forth scoring, and nice to see Grimaldi notch one.

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This game is also available on B2 network for seven bucks.

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Good call Goon. No way that goal should count.